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Mentorship Using Larry Chiang’s Sonar Broadcasting Method

by Larry Chiang on September 25, 2013

By Larry Chiang

Everything about mentorship is changing.

Take advantage. I argue that mentorship is not reverse engineered enough. So many successful people think and speak and cite: “Sui generis” It is Latin for “I’m a special snowflake”. Well me, Jesus, His Father, the devil and the credit bureaus and me think you, the successful break-out hit, are a cliche.

Pattern recognition.

FOR EXAMPLE. After a tech conference, MC Hammer mentored me. He said musicians are on tracks. He went on further to mentor me by saying “If a musician on a lower track comes up with a good marketing idea, they will just apply your idea to It is just what the labels do.” This was 2008.

After a Tony Perkins conference and Tony Perkins hosted dinner. MC Hammer recognizes patterns. As a young and rising engineering founder, I’d combine being mentored with signaling the fact that you’re pattern iterating.

Pattern replicating.

VCs are expert pattern recognizers. What they massively lack in tech chops and domain experience and tech know-how, they make up for with pattern recognition that makes them more intuitive than your mother. Lol VCs still have Monday partner votes based on intuition. As an entrepreneur, use sonar to broadcast your position like a FedEx package.

Another example of pattern recognition is this video

Mentorship can help you a lot. My mentors have helped me a lot. My mentors – Mark McCormack – Grif Frost – MC Hammer – Tom Kosnik – Tina Seelig And last but most – Steven Zumdahl Please join me on the right side of the bell curve. This is me with a 9 year old (now 13– He will be in ENGR 145 in ~2019 (-/+ 2.5 years)):

Goodness, I’m hiLarryAss Re this Re my mentioning my other mentor, Jesus Lol, he was BFF with a hooker that he never banged.

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