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Millennials, a Credit Executive Conference Wants You To Have Crappy Credit

by Larry Chiang on October 27, 2015

By Larry Chiang
C- credit. C minus as a credit score. That is what a 640 out of FICO 850 is, a “C-“. 
FICO over 750 is a good credit card credit score. 

In Las Vegas, Money 20/20 is taking place. A lot of credit executives and technology startup co-founders like Lisa Falzone and Tina Hui are there. The credit industry has efforts that counter millennials effort to have a credit score that sets the bell curve with high credit score marks. 

Prepaid is appealing to millennials because it stops the abuse of credit and helps their credit scores #money2020


Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
What’s your definition of high, @TSYS_TSS!? Like 640-660. #Money2020 (Your ignoring will constitute agreement 🙂

I’m still waiting for @TSYS_TSS response. 

The free drinks at Money 20/20 in Las Vegas for credit executives were courtesy of derogatory consumer information that credit bureaus sold. Yes, TU stands for “Trans Union”

642 Sucks. I recommend being “811”. I’m Larry Chiang
Credit execs favorited this tweet over a dozen times. 
The use of pre-paid will never get you to a FICO of 811. 

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Venetian Hotel hosts Money 20/20. It’s nice!!!!

millennials who do startup’s should CTCFTR 

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