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What Do I Do as a Credit Burdened Stanford Entrepreneur

by Larry Chiang on October 27, 2015

By Larry Chiang

Thanks for the A2A.

You want me to say, “Get vc as a credit burdened Stanford founder”.
But, I won’t. Yes, all roads lead to VC here on the Farm. Venture Capital is easy to get. So let us set VC aside for a minute and look at your immediate action plan, VCs needs and what the market needs (Lol, the market goes to bat last.) To review, your action plan, what VCs are looking for, and what the market seeks.

First of all when you say “credit burdened”, I take it to mean you owe money, your income is not great and your FICO score is low or non existent because you’re 18+2 or +3, a college junior. Let us begin with a real world address near your school.

#530Lytton. I took the time to write out a credit line subroutine. (It doubles as the address of a local bank where they’re semi desperate to meet sales quotas) Getting access to a line of credit, at a low rate, will help. You do not want to go into more debt.

Let me repeat. You want to build credit score, but not have to pay a vig on your debt. A vig is points on a loan. A vig is “interest”.

You simply want to augment and increase your FICO score. The method is legal and angles in at the heart of the Fair Isaac algorithm: Timely payements against a Visa/ or Bank of America Mastercard. Your FICO credit score, impacts the interest rate you get charged. Your interest rate works against you if you’re ‘credit burdened’. The subroutine #530Lytton has the goal of pumping positive credit information past the filters.

Where are the filters?

Credit bureause have filters. The filter out good credit data to sift and sell the derrogatory credit information on you. That is the “business model” (and you did not even have to take Stanford Engineering 145 and master Lec 11: “Business Model”. Pump positive information past their filter by ‘stack overflowing’ their filter. Have you heard of StackOverflow??

Execute #530Lytton

Next, let us look at income in. In staying with the Stanford theme, the class ENGR 145 is all online. You don’t need a school ID to access YouTube. YouTube is where all the ENGR145 videos sit. The key to attracting VC attention is to ‘be capital efficient’.

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