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Moving From Student In Undergrad College to Expert

by Larry Chiang on January 3, 2015

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Moving from student to expert…

Students find starting impossible and daunting. Starting is tough. That’s why I engineered “pop up internships”. 

Here is an example of how a student practiced, then journaled, practiced some more, did a baby entrepreneurship business, then journaled how he did it
It’s number one on google. 
student to expert”…
In 1-10 years, guess which dept will be #1 in undergraduate ENTREPRENEURSHIP education: Stanford Athletics. 
Download the free #ENGR145 content thats a sequel to “Stramgt353”. Stramgt353 is taught at 655 Knight. It’s strategic management 353. It’s focus is on early stage technology startups. #ENGR145 is based on the sequel books to five books NOT YET WRITTEN
– Innovators Dilemma
– Crossing the Chasm
– Business Model Generation
– What They Dont Teach You at Harvard Business School
– The Four Steps to the Epiphany  
It’s the Fifth Epiphany and I previewed it at Harvard. Google: Harvard Fifth Epiphany 
My “thesis” is more like a theorem. Please tell me you know the subtle difference 😉

(I presented this is comical standup format. But I trust that you realize it took more genius to add in more giggles and snorts)
This 9 year old laughed and you should too because the Stanford athletics baseball (program) will always find you

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