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National Association of Professional Background Screeners September 20 – Sept. 22, 2015 in Austin, Texas

by Larry Chiang on April 23, 2015

Larry Chiang’s book, What They Don’t Teach You At Stanford Business School, has an entire chapter devoted to “Character Compassing”. As CEO of Duck9, he helps institutions make credit receivables less risky and plays the other side to by getting college consumers get a FICO over 750. Post Harvard Law School keynote, Harvard Business wrote: “What They Don’t Teach You at Stanford Business School“. This post is about, “Employee pre-screening using credit data”.

NY Fashion Week has supermodels getting a high FICO credit score because I supermodel on-the-side
By Larry Chiang

FCRA is a 1970’s American law. #NAPBS15 is a conference that assembles professional in the background screening industry. 

@LarryChiang @arrington we’d love to have you join us for the NAPBS 2015 Annual Conference! Sep. 20-22 at the JW Marriott in Austin!

See @NAPBS to register 
Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Flex your SLS thinking cap, @arrington and lets get mentored at #NAPBS15
149 days away in #Austin
Use your @spg pts or stay @FSAustin :-))

Me?! I’ll go if it’s at the Four Seasons. 
This is the Grand Ballroom
Marji Calvert heads up sales catering for The Four 512-478-4500. They host me annually, err biannually (#SXSW and #aclFest), so I owe em {photo credit
Please book #NAPBS15 at Four Seasons. I’ll cover the price difference if all y’all promise to cut me a pctng of the savings ;-P

ENGR145’s two anchor videos move you to the right on the entrepreneur bell curve 
Is a bit ly I memorized that links to
CEO of Duck9
Stanford University’s Founding EIR (Entrepreneur in Residence)
Duck9 = Deep Underground Credit Knowledge 9
c/o UCMS Inc
2021 Midwest Road / 3rd FL
Oak Brook IL
650-283-8008 (cell)
Founder of “What They Don’t Teach at Business School” for CNN iReport:
Author, NY Times Bestseller
“What They Will NEVER Teach You at Stanford Business School about EUTWMPPM @SXSW” comes out 11-11-14
52 Cards. Two Jokers. What They DO Teach You at Stanford Engineering
Emergency swings and cutting deals as an 9 year old

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