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National Conference Innovation and Entrepreneurship (#Open14)

by Larry Chiang on November 25, 2013

By Larry Chiang
This is my hobby, studying entrepreneurship. 
I still work at the company I started as a sophomore. That is what I do for cash money. A lot of cash money. For a hobby, I study entrepreneurship. 
Educators meeting is cool, so I’m  interested in this conference on collegiate entrepreneurship March 20-23. (Plus, my mentor helped me when I was an undergrad engineer, so it’s a natural progression to give back)

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
I’ve made a plan for Larry Chiang’s Unofficial #Open14 Poster Party in SJ w Ice Cream Sundae Bar

Here are things that I’m paying attention to:

– How will Stanford staff welcome and mentor fellow campus admins. 
– Will Stanford share some of the common entrepreneurship pitfalls when higher education tackles stimulating students to co-found a startup. Or do a small business incubator.
My fear is that simply by this NCIIA Conference (#Open14) being located in Silicon Valley, that all y’all will be too intimidated. We all know about the Georgia Tech debacle that Nick Wingfield wrote about in the NY Times. 
It was called “Reaching for Silicon Valley”
I’ll tongue-in-cheek show how some campuses actively thwart entrepreneur energy. These will be done using the methodology “Live Action Business Case Studies”. Sometimes I’ll obfuscate the names to protect the guilty 😛
I hope to meet you in person and maybe enjoy an ice cream sundae in this social setting. 
As a humorous post, I’ll be writing, “10 Lies Told in Silicon Valley About Entrepreneurship”. It will be released March 11 at UTeWeek in Austin, Texas at SXSW. It is a conference where undergrads launch tech companies. There will be a Gua Gua Guacamole party to coincide with the article release and a DVD promotion (I’m in a George Clooney movie). 
If you’re interested in SXSW, I can have a UT student sell you AirBNB housing. It’s a franchise I co-founded under the “Larry Chiang 100% Affiliate Program”

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