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Professor Grousbeck’s Book, Note-taken, Hand-Scribed and Hashtagged by LARRY CHIANG

by Larry Chiang on November 24, 2013

By Larry Chiang 
My book that I studied at Stanford Business School in Prof Grousbeck’s class I am selling for $4,103.00
New Business Ventures and the Entrepreneur
Howard H. Stevenson

Documented and Listed using Amazon Mobile for iPhone and WORDPRESS

See example hashtags from the below video that I put into the book

You’re welcome to load up the notes I took in the book, New Business Ventures and the Entrepreneur and sell them on the Internet

I did not copyright my notes of the book New Business Ventures and the Entrepreneur 

You’re also welcome to buy used copies of the book, New Business Ventures and the Entrepreneur and copy my notes in to the used book New Business Ventures and the Entrepreneur and sell it for a dollar less than me, thus undercutting me

And this recouping you your $4,103 investment

My book, New Business Ventures and the Entrepreneurhas a Money Back Guaranteed 

If you’re not happy with this, you’ve 150 days to return the book to me at the below address

Bitchezzz, at terms this generous, you’re paying for your own UPS shipping WITH A TRACKING NUMBER YOU EFFEN TEXT ME. 

As of Nov 21, 2014, this is in full adherence to USA copyright law and intellectual property law. It ever so-slightly violates douchie Baggie codes of conduct, but then again learning search fund is kinda profitable ain’t it??

Disclosure:  Paul Thompson used these concepts and I financially benefited from his work helping my work. He studied at a college in the Boston area. 

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