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Official Finovate AfterParty by Larry Chiang, CEO Duck9

by Larry Chiang on May 4, 2012

By Larry Chiang

I don’t do things to impress you engineering founders out there.

I do them so you can pattern replicate. But first read my stuff so you can pattern recognize my pattern and then pattern iterate.

It’s like making banana bread or guacamole or programming a remote key fob for your car. You gotta follow a pattern that someone before you has laid out like a map.

Most pre founders and founders are navigating the Laurentian Abyss without a map. Without a mentor. Using instruments that they paid $200k for. The instruments are fine. And worth the 200.00 you paid. Or in my case $175.00 for my book.

The fact you don’t have a map or a mentor is a big big problem.

The entrepreneur gen pop (general population) is out there jerking around with a random bunch of unripe avocados trying to one-step, hail Mary up legendary guacamole. Pathetic. Make good gua via ga ga guaranteed Gua Gua Guacamole.

Ok, so my 13 Gua Gua Guacamole recipes are too tough for you


Don’t even think of trying this with just a B.S. in Business. Or B.A. in Econ– don’t get me started.

#Salsa #guacamole Finovate #afterParty

Read and memorize EVERYTHING like mue-xie (it’s Chinese for memorize-write-regurgitate passages:…

And mue-xie this:

Come to: Official Finovate AfterParty by Larry Chiang at Mars Bar

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