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One School’s Journey from Rags

by Larry Chiang on July 17, 2014

By Larry Chiang

Cal sucks.
#wrong. Epiphany Hotel at Grand Opening May 20, 2014
Photo credit: LARRY CHIANG
Cal does not have to suck!!

Cal E Week isn’t about world class speakers speaking at a campus worth one million dollars… It’s about executing, winning, and succeeding against the odds. With no money and no resources. Just a handful of dyslexic blog posts, a Pinterest board about Guacamole and two YouTube videos is all we get

Heck, Cal wouldn’t even let you call it “Cal E week”. We had to get our weeks name from the Stanford University Mall recycling bin. “Stanford Mall’s PF Chang’s California Entrepreneur Week” aka #CalEweek”. San Diego, CALIF…., you’re welcome

California Entrepreneur Week (#CalEweek :-)’ on Facebook. Don’t add me as a friend, tag yourself as the urinal like I have and we can get started

Epiphany Hotel, mens bathroom. June, 2014

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