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Timing. How to Game Timing.

by Larry Chiang on July 17, 2014

By Larry Chiang
As a comedian, if you mess up your timing, you won’t succeed.
Same goes for entrepreneurship.

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)

I think about this issue a lot but have read very little. Here, I’ll place hold. Here I’ll explore what b-school mentions constantly but doesn’t tactile-ly address

Timing of Money-In, Money Out.
Managing treasure of money treasure and time-treasure. I apply 70-20-10 rule for both. If you run too close to the redline, you’ll flame out. The redline is 100-0-0.
Spend 70%. Invest 20%. Donate 10%
100. Zero. Zero is tough.
50-30-20 augments the timing issue.
Do you agree?
Market timing.
Comedians use a “call back”. It’s where they re-hit a point to extract another laugh. Entrepreneurs can do this too by leveraging what has worked previously for someone else.
Timing in Relationships.
If you’re desperate to do product validations on quasi sales calls, you’ll butt up against ‘No need’ and “No trust”. Marinate your concept in the same way a chef marinates meat.
Remember, the chef buys meat from a farmer. He doesn’t raise the Evvia lamb. The chef also didn’t start from scratch with zero recipe for the Octopus. Soaking the octopus in Buttermilk was a technology and a technique.
I’ll think more about timing as I go get two lamb chops and the octopus at 420 Emerson. Meet me to eat at 11:35am on Mondays.
Don’t mess up your timing.

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