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One Trick Pony

by Larry Chiang on May 16, 2014

By Larry Chiang 
So now I’m accused of being a one-trick-pony?! Critics are calling me a credit expert able to competently execute one task.
Maybe they are right…
Something that I know that is counterintuitive = PO Boxes work. Massively counter to all normal common sense…, “PO box mail is handled with more care than a FedEx package with a tracking number”.
Normally, any normal writer tells a long winded story. At this point I’ll skip the story and just point towards USA law. Remember, I’m ceo and I could be enjoying this VIP lounge versus banging out a wordpress blog post on my iPhone…
The FTC and congress police post office boxes (aka PO boxes)
Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
PO Boxes versus

Congress and the FTC police PO boxes. 

When you-the-consumer send mail to a PO Box 105281
Atlanta GA 30348, the FTC cares. The FTC would advocate criminal charges and federal penitentiary time (if bureaus throw your mail away). Congress wrote this into law circa the Pony Express.
Stealing the mail was tantamount to robbing the train or stealing horse. So, if you want results, lick a stamp and dispute, request, or refute via the credit industry’s Achilles heel: the PO Box
Larry CHIANG, “One-trick-pony”, out. 
Here is proof that I’m technologically savvy:
/1/ I drafted this on an iPhone and published it via a Matt Mullenweg wordpress compatible widget.
/2/ I have other “tricks” documented via hashtags (hashtags are computer subroutines in the real world in this ENGR145 bell-curve-video
Larry Chiang, Austin Texas.
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