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Payments Crystal Ball

by Larry Chiang on November 8, 2013

By Larry Chiang
My comments are below IN BOLD
– remember another non bank bank: Capital One. Plot spoiler: they became a bank after a stint starting as an ILC (industrial loan corp)
-Digital wallet are competitors and potential partners
– WHERE IS GOOGLE. There is no way they’ll just languish for 11 years in a row #GooglePay
My comments are below IN BOLD

Staking Your Claim at the Point-of-Sale

Staking Your Claim at the Point-of-Sale

Register TodayDate: November 13, 2013 | Time: 12:00 p.m. ET 
Cost: $99 | Duration: 60 Minutes

Should card-issuing banks treat digital wallet players as competitors or potential partners?

It’s a question that’s come to the forefront as non-bank companies like PayPal have expanded and strengthened their payment offerings. PayPal recently acquired Braintree, a startup that built its reputation on disrupting traditional payment 

So, with things getting crowded at the point-of-sale what should traditional payment companies, banks in particular, do to ensure their place?

Join American Banker and PaymentsSource for this online session that reveals how card-issuing banks and payment companies can ensure market penetration at the POS. A panel of industry insiders will discuss the implications for card issuing banks, as well as payment networks, processors, merchants and wallet providers.

These key points will include:

- Should banks consider digital wallet players competitors or potential partners?

- What are banks and other institutions doing to ensure their presence at the point-of-sale is retained?

- What has the introduction of non-Financial Institutions done to change the relationship between processors, merchants and issuers.

Learn more about this online session.



Austin Kilgore

Austin Kilgore
Managing Editor

Meet the Presenters:

Michelle Evans
Consumer Finance Analyst

Zilvinas Bareisis
Senior Analyst

Learn more abou

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