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PayPal Receipt from Cream of Palo Alto for $2.99

by Larry Chiang on May 12, 2014

Unedited by Larry Chiang” <>
Date: May 12, 2014 1:03:49 PM PDT
To: larry chiang <>
Subject: Receipt from Cream of Palo Alto for $2.99


You paid Cream of Palo Alto $2.99.

Thanks for using PayPal. You made a $2.99 payment to Cream of Palo Alto on 5/12/2014.

Unit Price
You paid with
PayPal balance

Additional Information

Cream of Palo Alto
Transaction ID:
Payer email:

For returns or refunds, check the Cream of Palo Alto policy on your paper receipt, or contact the store directly for help.

You, the customer, are entitled to a refund of the money to be transmitted as a result of this agreement if PayPal does not forward the money received from you within 10 days of the date of its receipt, or does not give instructions committing an equivalent amount of money to the person designated by you within 10 days of the date of the receipt of the funds from you unless otherwise instructed by you.

If your instructions as to when the money shall be forwarded or transmitted are not complied with, and the money has not yet been forwarded or transmitted, you have a right to a refund of your money.

If you want a refund, you must mail or deliver your written request to PayPal at P.O. Box 45950, Omaha, NE 68145-0950. If you do not receive your refund, you may be entitled to your money back plus a penalty of up to $1,000.00 USD and attorney’s fees pursuant to Section 2102 of the California Financial Code.

If you have a PayPal account, you have a preferred alternative to the Right to Refund process. You may be covered if you find a payment error. You also may be covered if you did not receive your item or the item is significantly different from the seller’s description. To obtain help, log into your PayPal account and click Resolution Center at the top center of Account Overview.

This email was sent by an automated system, so if you reply, nobody will see it. To get in touch with us, log in to your account and click “Contact Us” at the bottom of any page.

Copyright © 2014 PayPal, Inc. All rights reserved. PayPal is located at 2211 N. First St., San Jose, CA 95131.

PayPal Email ID PP1731

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