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Pop Up Internship #5 of 5

by Larry Chiang on October 7, 2014

By Larry Chiang
This Pop Up Internship takes 7 hours total.
It will make $1,000. You must be 3 CS majors at a Top 75 school like Stanford University with an accredited ncaa conference.
Note: if you’re Canadian, you must have a USA, American PayPal account which I outlined in a separate Duck9 blog post “How to Get a High FICO living in the UBC basement of your Fam in West Van
Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Pop up internship:
Do an @eventbrite party
Err, better make that an #AfterParty (It’s a @TechCrunch post I wroteAs #CSmajorCEO, build #WP

Problem: Hackathons don’t have a cool, alcohol-free afterparty across the street from the hackathon.

I’ll help you get sponsors that buy premium food and pay you a fee to display their banner.
See these wordpress
– Hack Eventbrite to sell out your event

– By hosting a party, you reduce the risk by making back all of your expenses BEFORE THE PARTY STARTS
This pop up internship #5 is an example of How to Make Money While You Make Money (#HTMMWYMM). So, dumb VCs pay us to feed us.
Oh, if these C3PO VCs wanna speak (to pitch is because they can’t get enough “distribution”, aka deal-flow), they have to pay extra. Like #ReverseVC.

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