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Pop Up Internship #3 of 5 DTTDSBHM

by Larry Chiang on October 7, 2014

By Larry Chiang

My favorite on-going entrepreneurship story is Craig’sList

2011. At the sxsw Angel List party co-hosted by Silverton Partners and featuring Craig Newmark
Paul Graham featured Craig in PG’s best startup advice keynote
So, let us, me and you, do a pop up internship. It’s where we as engineers practice. It is where CS majors and me build distribution skills, communication skills all under the engineering skill subroutine: #DTTDSBHM
MOMENTUM (DTTDSBHM — u see what I did there? I made a subroutine to get you to build your GitHub resume by doing the toughest work: “Distribution”
Alice Truong (@alicetruong)
One of @Airbnb‘s best pieces of advice came from @paulg: “It’s OK to do things that don’t scale.”… #openair

Down for more #DTTDSBHM ?!

Renate Nyborg (@renate)
AirBnB cofounder: “We ended 16 months of failure by doing things that don’t scale. Went door to door, met 100 super users & built for them.”

HN is “Hacker News”

HN from Y Combinator (@hnycombinator)
Do Things That Don’t Scale: An Uncover Example (cmts


Nelly Yusupova (@DigitalWoman)
Do Things that Don’t Scale by @paulg <-great article on getting early users/customers #leanstartup #startup

Impress Brian Park, Jason Fried and PG and me by executing DTTDSBHM as your pop up internship #3

Brian Park (@brianbpark)
Jason Fried’s commentary on “Why we’re doing things that don’t scale”

Meet me and Hiten at Table50 at Evvia (after you DTTDSBHM )

Hiten Shah (@hnshah)
Why @37signals is doing things that don’t scale /by @jasonfried


Andy Smith (@kabbenbock)
Reverse the rules: do things that don’t scale. #startup #lean #llp

Who am I, Larry Chiang.

I’m the guy who thinks you should get
– 3 legendary internships*
– one study abroad
– 5 pop up internships*
– maybe co-term
* ONE OF THE INTERNSHIPS AS CS MAJOR SHOULD BE DOING STRAIT SALES (also known as distribution). Selling as a CS major is like a Jedi in Business Admin ( See #csMajorCEO #CSmajorCRO)

Tweeting one tweet and drinking a Fanta at evvia 1:50TUES = Pop Up Internship #3. The one tweet needs to be “@larrychiang”. The Tues Evvia at 1:50 pm needs to confirmed three hour prior via a text message to my cell. I am CEO of Duck9.

Getting an Internship the Entrepreneurial Way 2014 is just like 2009 except people are more A.D.D. Getting an Internship the Entrepreneurial Way 2014 is just like 2009 except people are more A.D.D.

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