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SBJWCS’ Photo Credit Brisa Trinchero

by Larry Chiang on April 16, 2016

By Larry Chiang
Technology entrepreneurship and sports do not have a lot of women. There is a concerted effort to get women to participate and lead.
LOS ANGELES, CALIF. – so at the conference SBJWCS that CAA hosted, women were encouraged to participate. #SBJWCS is Sports Business Journal World Congress of Sports. CAA is Creative Artists Agency.
Brisa Trinchero (@brisatrinchero)
Inspiring first female sports reporter, Lesley Visser. “You have to cross even when it says Don’t Walk!” #SBJWCS


News: Stanford’s most popular major for women is now “Computer Science”. 
Technology Entrepreneurship does not give or grant invites to study the free content at “YouTube”

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