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Set The Curve as a TechCrunch, August Capital Guest

by Larry Chiang on July 28, 2014

Larry Chiang DJs the engineering and biz dev skills into a JBA (Jedi in Business Administration). After a Harvard Business School event, they wrote: “What They Don’t Teach You at Stanford Business School”. He taught an entrepreneurship class at Stanford University and recently wrote about the Fifth Entrepreneur Epiphany which is a book review of five books that do not exist yet. Its the sequel to five books: Lean Startup, Four Steps to the Epiphany, Crossing the Chasm From the Right, What They Still Don’t Teach at Harvard Business School and “Business Model Generation”.



By Larry Chiang

Disclosure: Ive been invited for free and will financially benefit appx a mill.

Ahhhh, the TechCrunch party at August Capital. I have pulled some major major stunts. By stunts, I mean Jedi shitake. Remember when R2D2 was two minutes on to the Death Star, he was hacking Darth Vader’s mainframe to turn off the trash compactors and saved five Jedi’s?!

Think of me as an R2D2.

This party will be full of C3PO’s. Tall, pretty and talkative. Remember, C3PO is a protocol droid. If you follow protocol, you will not set the curve for entrepreneurship. I made fun of VCs in my “Reverse VC” pitch, because a lot of VCs are like C3PO. Lets set the curve by…

– Realizing that there is a new protocol that is Jedi.
– Engineers at really good school can text me, 6502838008.
– Street smarts is learned in a classroom now. Its called ENGR145.
– One party as a intern can have more Return on Investment than a year of tuition at University of Illinois.
– Fellowships are not protocol. The new fellowship is where you graduate college as a ZeroPtSix millionaire doing a Mark McCormack Mini Company Concept.

You should skip “moonlighting” a ‘startup’. You should moonlight a Mark McCormack Mini Company Concept. While working as a sports agent, Mark McCormack moonlighted up a side project called the “senior golf tour”. Same independant contractors, same distribution, same sponsors, same TV network. All cash bitchezz. 350mil. Part time work.

It is very Jedi to do a sequel to someone elses business.

For practice, do a sequel to any business including Duck9 (I open sourced all of our IP years before Elon Musk did :-). For practice, promote at TechCrunch and set the bell curve.

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