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Sex and the Super Bowl Parties

by Larry Chiang on January 27, 2013

By Remmy Oxley

As a VC, I actually make money going to the Super Bowl.

It is a wealth of business contacts and networking. I’m not talking about the Sunday game, I am talking about the week long stretch of pre-parties leading up to Sunday Feb 3 matchup between a team from San Francisco and a team from Baltimore. These parties mean DISTRIBUTION. See my twitter stream @RemmyOxley for the best superbowl parties in New Orleans 2013

DISCLOSURE: I AM chairing the exploration committee to bring the Super Bowl L (aka SuperBowl MMXVI) to Santa Clara 2016.

Enough networking work talk– LET’S TALK ABOUT SEX.

Sports agents should have an algorithm for how their clients bang. It is meant to keep their client from Tiger Woods-ing. He’s a cautionary tale in lost brand equity. Let’s hope he pulled himself out of the tailspin using IMG SuperAgent skills Re: proposing to your ex-wife with a ring + $350mm pre-nup.

Here is a Super Bowl XLVII / MMXIII whopper: The NFL already teaches sex countermeasures at NFL rookie camp. It’s also WTDTYAHA (LINK to my What They Do Teach at Harvard Athletics article).

Now you know what I’m paying attention to… Good luck pattern replicating what I do

P.S. Im the primary innovator of the “Fucy-VC” Algorithm. FUCYVC stands for ‘Fornicate Under Consent of Your Venture Capitalist’. It’s all LAID OUT here (pun intended)

P.P.S. ‘Bang less, get ahead’ is from chapter 7 of my favorite book: “What They Don’t Teach You at Stanford Business School”

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