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SHARK TANK Casting- Request to Make #ENGR145 Simpler and Clearer / Shark Tank Boston April 17, 2014

by Larry Chiang on April 1, 2014

hi Vincent at Shark Tank.
Einstein said to us, “Make things as simple as possible, but no simpler.”
I studied fluid dynamic science engineering which is a fundamental precursor to rocket science. #ENGR145 is an entrepreneur reflection as innovative as invert spreading the rocket nozzle at supersonic speed.
A nozzle like a garden hose becomes INVERTED in principal BUT ONLY AT SUPERSONIC SPEED. A garden hose accelerates water by constricting. That is only true if you’re *under* the speed of sound. Faster than the speed of sound, like a rocket ship nozzle, you accelerate by “reverse constricting” also known as inverted nozzle.
It applies to entrepreneurship because at Stanford, some believe a startup company should never pre-maturely die. 
I re watched my pitch and re read the 12 questions. I believe the below two videos address all 12

Larry Chiang’s SHARK TANK Mentorship Marketing Part I #ENGR145

Larry Chiang’s SHARK TANK Mentorship Marketing Part II #ENGR145

In a five word pitch at the 3:57 mark: “#ENGR145 buys and sells companies.

at the 4:10, #ENGR145 concept of buying and selling companies wraps

Hashtag, ENGR145, buys and sells companies, PERIOD.

– some companies haven’t been founded yet. ENGR145 helps you start a company before you start a company.

– some companies we buy for zero and sell for zero. Those companies we don’t come into contact with. Those founders come into contact with Larry Chiang and #ENGR145 via the hashtag.

Because we sell for zero, there is clear goodwill.

– some companies we will buy for zero and sell for a lot.

– some startups we sell and make sales commission on. For example Plancast.

– some startups we will pick up out of the garbage and sell (but that is just tactical right now. Like a pre-pack ABC (assignment for benefit of creditors) and the CTCFTR-ing (crossing the chasm from the right

#ENGR145 buys and sells companies


I hope this message finds you doing well. Looking forward to participating this season.

Btw, I’m publicizing your Boston stint April 17 VIA THE HASHTAG, #ENGR145, and I should get you as much dealflow in Boston and 50% of your total awareness in the MIT/ Harvard area


See, for April 17, 2014 casting call. 
Or just google, “Shark Tank Boston April 17, 2014”
On Mar 31, 2014, at 7:05 PM, Vincent James Arcuri <> wrote:


Yes, please do shot a new video and just send to us as soon as possible.  No need to Fed Ex, you can just ship it via regular mail or via Priority Mail – it’s much cheaper.
Thanks and best of luck!
On Mon, Mar 31, 2014 at 7:02 PM, Larry Chiang <> wrote:

Hi Vincent,
cc Dai Truong, Austin Ventures

I’ll make a new 10 minute video. I’ll fedex it this week. Sound good??

On Mar 31, 2014, at 4:21 PM, Vincent James Arcuri <> wrote:


As we discussed, please re-do your video and submit again either via thumb drive or DVD.  The list of questions are below as well as out mailing address.
Thanks again!



Please make a short video (5 to 10 minutes) in which you talk about yourself and show off your personality.  Wow us!  Dazzle us! Be talkative and energetic!!  Do not be humble.  This is your opportunity to gloat and convince us why you are perfect for the show. Please keep in mind this video is your only chance to impress our producers so make it great. Please find below tips on how to make the best video:


*If you are applying as part of a team of collaborators, EACH COLLABORATOR MUST COMPLETE AND SUBMIT HIS/HER OWN SERIES APPLICATION PACKET; however, collaborators may appear together in a single audition video.  If you have 3 collaborators total then we need to receive 3 Series Application Packets completed by the 3 collaborators.


DO NOT SUBMIT UNTIL YOU HAVE EVERYTHING COMPLETED.  All submissions must include a completed Series Application Packet for each collaborator who will be appearing on the program and a submission video. 


BE SURE TO ANSWER ALL OF THESE QUESTIONS ON YOUR VIDEO.  If you are applying as a team then everybody needs to appear in the video if they want to appear on the program.

1.     What’s your name, where are you from and what do you do for a living?  

2.     What is your business/product?  Start by saying “My business is…” and then clearly describe what your business or product is exactly.  (THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART!  WE NEED TO CLEARLY UNDERSTAND WHAT YOUR BUSINESS OR PRODUCT IS!)

3.     How much money do you need from investors and what percentage of your company/idea/product are you willing to give up (e.g., 10%, 40%, etc.)?  Be specific. Simply say “I’m seeking $_____ in exchange for _____%.”  Note:  You may later change your requested ask if you appear on the program.

4.     How will the money be used?   BE SPECIFIC:  If this is for Seed Funding or a Series A round, make sure you clearly state that. 

5.     Please describe your product/business.  (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT)

a.    What is so interesting or unique about your product/business?  What is your HOOK?  Your hook is key to a compelling pitch so explain this with lots of energy!!!

b.   Why will people feel they must have your product/business?

c.    Is it fully patented or is the patent pending?

d.   How far along is the development of your business/product? Is it just an idea, a working prototype/business plan or is it an existing product or business that is currently on the market?  Are you satisfied with your development so far?  How far along could you be with the necessary money?

e.    Is your product or business currently making money? If so, how much revenue has the product or business generated?

f.    How or why does it work? (do a demonstration if you can.)

g.    How is your product or business different from similar ideas? What makes yours unique or better?

h.   How did you come up with the idea? Explain your A-HA moment and share your story! You’re the person behind the business so celebrate yourself!

6.     How much have you invested in your business/product?  What would happen if you could not get your business off the ground? 

7.     When did you start inventing or become an aspiring entrepreneur?  What influenced this decision?  

8.     What does your business/product mean to you?  

9.     What is your ultimate goal for your business/product?  

10.  Tell us something interesting about yourself.

11.  What has been your biggest challenge so far?  

12.  What do your family and/or friends think of your business/product?  




* Do not include Marketing/Advertising in the amount of $ you’re asking for.


* Have “Infomercial” energy, and please stand up. Do not sit down while taping – it brings your energy down.

* Feel free to brag about any accolades you’ve received.



It should not be longer than 10 minutes.



Have someone else record you or use a tri-pod.  Don’t hold the camera yourself.  Please shoot landscape (horizontal) and not portrait (vertical). When shooting indoors, make sure to turn all the lights on.  DO NOT tape in front a window with sunlight streaming in – this will cause silhouetting and we will be unable to see your face.  When shooting outdoors, avoid shooting with the sun directly behind you; this will cause silhouetting as well.  Make sure we can hear you. Speak loudly and clearly.  


*Make sure you save a copy of your video on your computer.



1.     Transfer your submission video to a DVD, CD or Flash Drive and label it with your Company Name.  Save a copy for yourself.


2.     Get all of this to the address below by APRIL 11, 2014.


Mail your video and paperwork to:


Shark Tank Casting

Attn:  Vincent – TX#2

10202 W. Washington Blvd.

Heidelberg, 2nd Floor

Culver City, CA 90232



Thank you again and best of luck!


Vincent James Arcuri

Casting Associate
Shark Tank – Season 6

Vincent James Arcuri

Casting Associate
Shark Tank – Season 6

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Josh Hirsch January 16, 2015 at 12:25 pm

Watch our video to see why I am made for great T.V. ratings!

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