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Sloan Program at Business School in Cambridge and Palo Alto

by Larry Chiang on October 25, 2012

By Larry Chiang

When people say SLOAN. I’m like a Shih Tzu that hears “KENNEL”.

Sloan, Alfred P didnt start GM or Chevrolet. Billy Durant did. Now Sloan has MIT & Stanford eponymous programs– even buildings named after him 🙁 Avoid the Roy Raymond & Billy Durant pattern.

Take zero risks as an MBA1 or undergrad ENGR145 student.

Call to action my 11 readers on Hacker News: Tweet “#RiskEliminate #PatternReplicate #PatternIterate”

Ok, let me break down what I’m talking about…

You see the old way (current way) is for VCs to coach us undergrad engineer entrepreneurs to take a massive risk and swing for the fences. Don’t.

Ask them about what THEY did. Call me a Shih Tzu that observes people with it’s entire being, but I do what successful people did. Not what they say.

I am Larry Chiang and I’m my father’s (Tom Chiang’s) son. Engineers who turned entrepreneur didn’t take risk. We engineered the risk out.

– Risk Minimize – Risk Mitigate – Risk Eliminate

Roy Raymond lost his ass. He founded Victoria’s Secret at the Stanford Mall. Can you imagine starting something successful and then losing it?? Let me introduce you to Billy Durant.

Call to ACT my 11 readers on Hacker News: Tweet “#RiskEliminate #PatternReplicate #PatternIterate”

Durant started GM, sold it. Got fired.

Started a new entity called Chevrolet. Sold it to GM.

Got fired. Died poor.

Isn’t it time we stopped the pattern of entrepreneur abuse and stood up to losing our company. As an engineer, you better get uber street smart about Board of Director management.

Remember, muggers and rapists have mugged and raped. As a victim, you better engineer up some countermeasures. Don’t let your first startup (err Larry Chiang Mini Company Concept LCMCC), be your first. You might get raped literally and financially. I’d recommend doing your second LCMCC first.

It’s like when you take ENGR 145 this winter quarter. Prepare for ENGR 145 like you took practice SAT tests. Before you took the SAT.

Catch my pattern?!

I took ENGR145 three times and conclude the anchor concepts: Lemonade and Gua Gua Guacamole

I boiled down 20 years of entrepreneurial practice in to a 9:59 video that moves you to the right on the entrepreneur bell curve

When you’re at Stanford or MIT and see Sloan, I hope you now know the story behind the venture capital and entrepreneur story.


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Emergency swings and cutting deals as an 9 year old

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