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Sophomore Girls in University, Unite

by Larry Chiang on January 9, 2014

By Larry Chiang
Lets all unite (sorta)
Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
How To Get a Millionaire’s Credit Score As a Soph Girl in College. #LarryChiang

Lets focus on a very tactile, very attainable goal. This will not cost cash. This is like a Michelle Phan Makeup Video on YouTube (very detailed. Free. Super specific)

I’m talking about her early videos (before she sold out to BE (bare essentials))
Ok, here it is in five words, 11 bullet points
Make. Your. Email. Address. PayPal-able. 
Credit scores are directly tied to email address quality. #TrueStory. Email address quality is tied to what your email address is tied to. 
PayPal account allows you to have up to seven email addresses. Do one for now. Do a gmail or @mac email. Ideally, it’s just some derivation of your name. 

stop inventing new email addresses to avoid junk electronic mail. Also, don’t declare an old email address “bankrupt” because it’s overloaded with junk email and gets IM’d by stalker ex hookups. 

Lol you’re slutty!


PayPal account marries your Amazon, your Facebook, your twitter, your gmail, your google search history, your backup cloud storage. 


Remember the obnoxious tweet
Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
How To Get a Millionaire’s Credit Score As a Soph Girl in College. #LarryChiang

Set a goal to get a fico over 750 by 24 months from now. 

I don’t know if you’re into scrapbooking… But text me and I’ll send you something kinda cute and artsy I made for u (text 1-650-283-8008 the word “scrapbook fico 750 for a SOPH girl”

CRITICAL aspect #5

Connect your PayPal account to a bank account in Palo Alto CALIF called Bank of America. Your email address, in short, will be married to a bank. 

This is critical. 

Your email may be used to login to your bank, but that is useless. 

Your email needs to be “PAYPAL BANK CONFIRMED”

PayPal does this by transferring two small dollar amounts. They transfer small amounts to your bank account and then you tell PayPal they transferred “$0.07 and $0.13”. 


Verified account. 


Your email may be used to login to your bank, but that is useless. 

Let me repeat… “Your email may be used to login to your bank, but that is useless”

Nearly all of your girlfriends rely on urban myths and legends. Gossip about classes and boys but do not rely on second hand credit knowledge. Go right for the FCRA (fair credit reporting act)

Your email may be used to login to your bank, but that is useless in augmenting and building your credit card credit score. 


Yes, it’s critical. 

Add in some cash by arbitraging stuff on eBay. Look up what arbitrage is. I’d sell a Braun power cord, model 7625

Text me and I’ll text you back step by step in all it’s technicolor detail. 1-650-…. -8008. 

Yes, you just made money via selling a 45 dollar Braun power cord by buying it for $20 and selling it for 40, 39, 41 or 42. I’m selling it for USD $44.97. That’s what arbitrage is. Buy low. Sell high. 

All arbitrage opportunity eventually dies and withers away. It’s Econ 101. Right now it is Jan 8 and it’ll work for another month or ten. So do this w me. Err, don’t do anything because you’re an anal retentive girl, so research this. Mmmk??!?

#9. Who will do this?

This is critical. 

Very few will do all the li’l steps. Most people want ONE thing. 

Sophomore guys are unlikely to do this.  There is zero risk in doing “this”. There is zero money at risk. I, Larry Chiang, will never ask you to fB 

Think of this as a secret society. Do these things in secret. They appear to be small and meaningless. These steps lead to strength and security. 

Look me up and google me: Larry Chiang 


Two videos. 
ENGR145’s Anchor Concept: Lemonade and Gua Gua Guacamole 
It moves you to the right on the entrepreneur bell curve 
Your email may be used to login to your bank, but that is useless. 

Build up the credit worthiness of your email. 

My next post is “build up the credit worthiness of your cell phone number”

Because of what we innovated: Cell phone number underwriting. 

Yes, my entity helps banks do “off credit report scoring”. Yes, we now use your email that u use to login to your bank to guess at your credit worthiness 
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Stanford University Entrepreneur in Residence, Emeritus
Duck9 = “Deep Underground Credit Knowledge” 9
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Palo Alto CA 94301
650-566-9696 (direct)
650-283-8008 (cell)
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