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Stanford Law School’s Entrepreneurial Underbelly

by Larry Chiang on December 4, 2013

By Larry Chiang
I mean “underbelly” in a scratch-my-underbelly I AM A SHIH TZU kind of way. Under belly’s are good! They’re like a G-spot.
I’ve discovered the magic spot for SLS and wanted to share with you my street smarts I learned from my YLS mentor, Mark McCormack.
What I’ve observed is that SLS 1Ls and 2L’s are pretty insulated from all the Entrepreneurshit at Munger -/+ 50′. This post is meant to boost your resume with a 10 min article with an 8-hour commitment. That is eight hours total, before you gradumatate.
Let me break it down like I’m your 32 year old paralegal who’s kinda resourceful, but law-degree less. And have been a legal asst for 11 years. Who got a law passed for $217 bucks (HR627). Yes, I passed HR 627. Suspend your disbelief and let me break it down like a paralegal breaks in a new principal or new associate.
Be a quasi rainmaker. Or at least be aware.
Tell me via email who your rainmaking partner was after 1L summer. You do not have to actually do anything but read what I email you back. It’s an HLS keynote I gave about What They Don’t Teach You at Stanford B-School
Attend a grand opening party for a hotel in Downtown Palo Alto called “The Epiphany”. I’ll get Cooley partners to come
IT’S ON PURPOSE that SLS isn’t super well organized compared to the stiffy stiff YLS / HLS. But leverage the fact that this is your safety school that is actually better because ITS SO EFFEN FLEXIBLE
LETS DO THIS EXERCISE: email me what isn’t perfect about SLS and let me your paralegal DO THE SIMPLE WORK and you, the douchie-partner-to-be can take the credit. 
Email me!
The minimum viable résumé impacting occurrence IS A STANFORD ENTREPRENEUR WEEK EVENT.
Goodness, no event at or near SLS has registered in my mind from any StanfordEweek, #StanfordEweek event.

Listen, your potential DC NYC law firms will absolutely google you. Forward engineer what they will see

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)

Download the Twitter on your iPhone 5S and tweet two super safe tweets.

As your paralegal, don’t effen forget the #StanfordEweek hashtag
BREAK DOWN SECTION FIVE: Host a entrepreneur week event that lasts for 11 minutes.
Host it in the time window of Feb 7-Mar 7, 2014. That is Stanford Entrepreneur Week. 
An eleven minute party involves texting 5 SLS friends, loading up an Eventbrite. Inviting ONE SLS ALUM. 
maybe serve food. Err order it
Don’t charge. 
Record a ten minute YouTube of your special guest speaking
For example Tony Lai
For example, Peter Thiel
For example Keith Rabois (he’s HLS but what evs)
Your event will snowball so grab the credit, you future partner! 
Resentfully yours,
Larry Chiang (your paralegal for 2014 only!!)
PS Google yourself right now and email me what you want Matt Cutts to google SEO :-))
ENGR145’s Anchor Concept: Lemonade and Gua Gua Guacamole
It moves you to the right on the entrepreneur bell curve
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