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Stanford University BASES (cont’)

by Larry Chiang on October 16, 2014

Peak at the Nvidia auditorium lecture #3 of CS 183B where PG (Paul Graham) explicitly stated “Do not do a startup in college”
Paul Graham (@paulg)

Since I’m alpha curator here in Silicon Valley, it is my expert opinion that what Ricky and PG are saying actually is in 95+% agreement.

Let me repeat. While Ricky says “Now. Do a startup NOW” and PG says “Don’t start a startup”… They are almost in 100% agreement. I peg their agreement at appx 95% {it’s a scientific wild ass guess (as per Andrew Kippen’s father)}.
The key is to extrapolate both YC sources.
The key is to dig into the unconscious competence in their advice.
Extrapolate their advice by Motivationally Listening (like me)*
Disclosure: Ricky Yean was comped to Summit at Stanford where he invited me to speak on the topic “How to Get 3 Legendary Internships”
The key to seeing the similarities lies in the phrase “mini company concepts”. This is a concept first introduced and teased to me by Mark McCormack. As Mark McCormack’s mentee, I took the Ricky Yean tweet, PG’s 58:05 minute keynote Oct 6 (notorious lecture #3) and curate it with 2 videos, 5 pop up internships, 3 legendary internships, a study abroad trip, maybe co-term and 11 hours of networking inside the University’s athletic department (aka attending a bowl game or BBQ tailgate or training table)
Yes, I’m into details and try to curate and explain alpha technologist tips, strategies and ideas.
Two videos.
#ENGR145’s a class ahead of it’s time.  Technology Entrepreneurship e145 is taught right now by Tom Byers. 110% of the class is on video at Chad and Steve’s website called “YouTube”. Appx 20% of ENGR 145 was developed after Ricky Yean took ENGR 145 and was a VC under the Alsop Louie partner program 3 or 4 years before Earnestine Fu (she was my engr 145 TA).
These videos advocate Ricky and PGs advice:
5 pop up internships. 
These are 7 hour internships. Key equals practice DISTRIBUTION. But for only 7 hours per internship. For example, google “Braun power cord arbitrage”. Arbitrage is where you buy low. Sell high. 
This solves the PG nightmare: Founders at YC who go BK (BK is credit code 9, aka financially so dead, people give up collection. duck9’s) Founders that ‘die’ refuse to “Do Things That Dont Scale”. Its a PG blog post essay. 
Pop Up Internships #1- #5 are all meant to have you do 7 hour stints. I took PG’s unconscious competence and curate the auxiliary hashtag “#dttdsBHM” [Do Things That Dont Scale BUT HAVE MOMENTUM]
All the internships make cash
Yes, you keep 100%, lol. I don’t take a cut. 
3 legendary internships
There are 20 videos on my YouTube 3 legendary internships. Plus Ricky and I are tagged in a fB album on 3 legendary internships
11 hours of networking inside the University’s athletic department
So as a Buck Cardinal club member, I sit in the lower bowl. I’m an expert networker as per my 6 GigaOm posts and one TechCrunch post. As an expert, I end this post with 2 questions you should ask (but have not yet?)
Who is #LisaFalzone? 
What did she say February 26 that caused a civil war on campus?
Chris, the 9 year old at NLCS 2010, is ready for YC. Are u?! He can cut a verbal deal. Can you #dttdsBHM
9:59 video sums up 14 chapters of a book coming out 11-11-2019 “What They Will NEVER Teach You at Stanford Business School”

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