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The Clear Cut Case for Evergreen Entrepreneurship Content

by Larry Chiang on October 7, 2014

By Larry Chiang 

In the back of my mind, I’ve seen cases where new startup advice pales in comparison to older advice
Silicon Valley is in love with the new, so I understand this dynamic. The solo case that made this issue come to the forefront of my mind is this CS 183b lecture. Lecture #3.

New video keynote has 45k views

The older video only has 3k views

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
#CS183b, Lecture3 – How to Start a Startup {2014, sept 30}
Compare that keynote at CS 183b, Stanford University, where PG argues 4.5 times to NOT do a startup…
…to this Paul Graham video (2008)
The 2008 keynote is remarkably upbeat, light and fluffy. 2014’s lens was was skewed by seeing all of us at Stanford’s Nvidia as his children. PG even went as far as to say, “This is advice I’d give my two year-old.”
Causation and Correlation: it led to 13 questions that all had zero to do with the class focus: “How to Start a Startup”

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
13 questions from #CS183B. Sept 30, 2014. Lec #3.…

Do re watch

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
#CS183b‘s new keynote #3,

Ok, if you’re coming into this entrepreneurship examination, late

It’s CS 183b…

Faik Uygur (@faik)
Stanford CS 183B with Paul Graham, Peter Thiel, Marc Andreessen, Reid Hoffman, Ben Horowitz, Marissa Mayer …

Lecture 1-18:

Unofficial Austin (@UnofficialATX)
Lecture 3 – “How to Start a Startup” #CS183B via @YouTube

Action items: retweet…

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Paul Graham’s Startup School Keynote 2008,
Is Guurrrr-ate! #CS183b #Replace #Lecture3 #CS183Do #ENGR145…

Want to make an impression as a CS major with little or no significant GitHub or Stackoverlow repositories?

Do this PopUpInternship (at a Hackathon!), This concept is the open source company: “#CS183Do”

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
If it were this easy, still few will DO #CS183Do#CS183b… …

So, all you’re doing is helping small business owners SEO by doing the business subroutine: “#EUTWMPPM”

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