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The End of Credit Repair Websites

by Larry Chiang on December 8, 2014

by Larry Chiang

The general population is buying domains to make a website which will have zero search engine traction. The new way is to get a subdomain. It is worth $13,000+ based on cash flow but I am giving it away for $685.85. The URL Subdomain (100% supported)

🙂 After you ‘sell’ just five people for $24.95, show me the paypal receipts and I will refund all 685.85. It is called the #LCRRM. “larry chiang reverse rebate model”. The reason I start with the price, is to scare off people that do not read. If you just read and comprehended the above sentence, what I, Larry Chiang, am saying is that 100% of the 685.85 is rebated and refunded to you. After you sell five people on a 24.95 product, you get $685.85 back.
What do you get for 685.85?!
– a great subdomain where you pick the subdomain name
– you get to email publish and email update webpages
– you get a paypal button where the money goes directly to you. 100%.
– We don’t touch your revenue.
– You can rebate your 5 sales of 24.95 and then get the 685.85 back
Act fast. The best subdomain names will go fast (Note: It must be a credit score related site, subdomain) As a bonus…, you can sell one of three products
– an eBook that I wrote
– sets of 31 envelopes
– a credit scrapbook called “BCSeutwm” ‘Building Credit Score, Engineering Up a Tidal Wave of Momentum”
These are worth a lot of future revenue, and included in the $685.85 is exactly how to sell and make these products. You will sell the products on the subdomain’s website and then manufacture it. There is no inventory to buy from me. I don’t make money off of you in some weird way. There is nothing to buy.
After you ‘sell’ five people on $24.95 priced, products, I, Larry Chiang, will refund your 685.85. Then I will let you keep the subdomain. In theory, you could leave and set up a new domain that you own (but smart people wouldn’t. Certainly it is your choice. Certainly, all the products are yours to take with.)
There is no further business relationship after I refund you the 685.85. You have two years from the time of your eBay purchase to make five sales of 24.95. Sales will end when 2014 ends.
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