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The Fifth Epiphany!

by Larry Chiang on December 9, 2013

Attn Getting Testimonial = 

Nick Tippmann (@ntippmann)
So Simple, So Brilliant – #EUBM Engineer up a Business Model – VIDEO via @LarryChiang


By Larry Chiang
As the preeminent entrepreneurship practitioner… I wanna let you in on a bit of insight (also known as my Fifth Epiphany)
Steven Blank and his mentee Eric Ries left off some critical knowledge they’re saving for sequel book(s)
Me?! I need their knowledge NOW
My goal has always been to be their best student. Have you read “Four Steps to an Epiphany”??!  Have you read Lean Startup??
Reading those books and mastering them PLUS reading and mastering 650 of my entrepreneurship blog articles… You can only come to one conclusion. I used the engineering method of extrapolation.
Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
“The Fifth Epiphany” DJ’s Mr Steve Blank with Mr Eric Ries Book. #EUBM~>#OneWayLetterOfIntent ~> #InternalEscrow

Download these official, open sourced hashtags Book. #EUBM

~>#OneWayLetterOfIntent (google the phrase!)
~> #InternalEscrow (google it

#StreetSmartLegal (google it

Testimonial =

Nick Tippmann (@ntippmann)
So Simple, So Brilliant – #EUBM Engineer up a Business Model – VIDEO via @LarryChiang

Heck, Publish your execution into a Book of Your Own as you execute #EUBM~>#OneWayLetterOfIntent ~> #InternalEscrow


IN SHORT, a customer isn’t a customer until they pay cash. But they can’t pay cash cash. They need to be obligated to pay cash in a risk-free (#RMRMRE) specifically legal method (#StreetSmartLegal). My YLS (yale law school) mentor taught me. #OneWayLetterOfIntent ~> #InternalEscrow
It’s all under #EUBM
Disclosure =
Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
As a student of “Business Model Generation”, I simplify p44 and 45 to #EUBM (CS VP C CR R$ KR KA KP CS

It’s what my mentor Mark McCormack taught me WTDTYAHBS

Download these related hashtags for more disc jockey’d fun!
Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
It’s me and these are my gifts 2 u
And #hiLarryAss (:


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