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The Five Kinds of People You Meet at Oct 19 Startup School

by Larry Chiang on September 18, 2013

By Larry Chiang

I study people like a Shih Tzu sitting in the emperor’s lap in the imperial court. I’ve seen it all. I’m actually smarter than the emperor because he talks. I don’t. I keep my thoughts to myself.

Here is a window into “the five kinds of people that you’ll meet at Stanford University’s “Startup School” produced by BASES and Y-Combinator (It’s Oct 19, 11:11AM at Stanford’s MemAud (or Dinkelspiel I forget))

-1- Stanford kid

At Stanford you’ll meet or/and have met that math wiz that’s played cello solos and still super duper nice. At Stanford you’ll meet an athlete (wrestler) who also sings phenomenally well and starts X.

Well, at startup school, you’ll meet Stanford undergrads that pre studied the content from previous Startup Schools & prepared by pre emailing speakers and pre networking YC y-combinator partners.

-2- Waitlist-er

I love this category!!

The losers bracket of a b-plan competition and the waitlist is the best place for VCs to find talent. Setting aside the losers bracket for a future post, I’m honing your attention to those that are at MemAud that were on the waitlist. Winners wait on wait lists. I wrote a post about “How to work a waitlist” so google it.

Remember, starting a company is rough. And failing forward is critical. A waitlist is an early test. Like a crib sheet for chemE, ace this early test by doing well and street smart-edly work the waitlist.

-3- Cal/UCLA Contingent

As a public school kid myself, I had to swallow my pride and toss aside dignity… I recommend you do the same.

As douchie as you see Stanfurdh students, do not blame them that their campus has a Start X and all we’all don’t. Swallow your ego (like a founder), hip pocket your pride and start kissing Stanford student undergrad ass.

Prep 50-80% as much as a Stanfurdh undergrad VC (aka a mayfield fellow).

Also known as a Alseop Louie fellow, because they have a program that makes undergrad VCs too.

Yes, these VCs made undergrads VCs. Yes, they are anointed but they also prep super hard. But, set aside your gag reflex and prepare as well as they.

Being at Stanford is a natural breeding ground and lead generation funnel for entrance in to YC. The entire academic calendar at STVP funnels people in to a YC summer (YC S14) gig. The YC app even opens during Stanford midterm break and during Spring Break, y combinator holds interviews at 310 Pioneer (YC hQ 🙂

Your public school attitude of semi-jealousies should be set aside ASAP. Drink it in. Drink It In Hold on, it’s about to get worse

-4- Imma Princeton / MIT / Penn kid and Larry Chiang is flying me in


Yup, the rich get richer, that’s the law of the land. I’ve a Founders Fund partner funded credit card and I’m flying kids out. Goodness I’m hilarious.

Sequoia might have a scout fund but I have a slush fund called “earlier than scout fund”. Yes I just made up the name but it’s real. It is a real slush fund. You get your flight paid for but you gotta crash Startup School (or apply yourself).

Gawd, I’m hiLarryAss.

You’re welcome. Your cost of the flight will be handed to you after you land at SFO

-5- Everyone else.

The above four categories will churn out 12-15++ millionaires The gen pop that attends Startup School can move RIGHT on the entrepreneur bell curve

CEO of Duck9 Stanford University Entrepreneur in Residence, Emeritus Duck9 = “Deep Underground Credit Knowledge” 9 125 University Avenue/ 100 Palo Alto CA 94301 650-566-9600 650-566-9696 (direct) 650-283-8008 (cell) **************** Editor of the BusinessWeek Channel “What They Don’t Teach at Business School” CNN Video Channel: Read my last 10 tweets at Author, NY Times Bestseller “What They Will NEVER Teach You at Stanford Business School” comes out 11-11-14 52 Cards. Two Jokers. What They DO Teach You at Stanford Engineering Emergency swings and cutting deals as an 9 year old ########## Duck9 is part of UCMS Inc. 630-705-5555

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