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The Only Way to Run Credit Bureau Disputes via Email

by Larry Chiang on July 29, 2014


Larry Chiang uses crayons and sharpie markers to outperform a team of MBAs. As a (JBA) Jedi in Business Administration, Harvard wrote: “What They Don’t Teach You at Stanford Business School“. He once took an entrepreneurship class at Stanford University three and a half times by sitting first row entrepreneurship. He goes through life with two iPhone 4s


By Larry Chiang

Let’s say you have a credit dispute. It makes no common sense to fax it.

Or let’s say you’re trying to cancel Trans Unions credit report service. Calling obviously is useless Re

There is only one email method to use. Email and I’ll print it out for you to then M-A-I-L. It is counterintuitive to mail to a post office box. But that use of a PO Box in Chester PA is it. That PO Box 2000 is where to mail your printed out email. Skip paying me via PayPal-ing “650-283-8008” the $15.10 print-out-my-email-to-Trans-Union.
– Skip paying me.
– Skip emailing me Just mail your own dispute to TransUnion. Just mail your own dispute to Equifax or Experian.

To take breaks from credit industry, I sit front row at fashion week in NYC (it’s called Mercedes Benz Fashion Week)

My photos from the front row are here

And here in the Facebook album
“NYFW with Larry Chiang”

What A SuperModel (LarryChiang) Can Teach a Harvard University, Masters Business Administration (MBA), About Credit Reports and Credit Scores

Larry Chiang thinks that Jedi's use outdated fighting instruments like a "light sabre" Larry Chiang thinks that Jedi’s use outdated fighting instruments like a “light sabre”

American Express Supports Larry Chiang Promoting Truths at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week (MBFW) Thank you American Express!!

Btw, faxing works. It’s the law. Omg, that’s an auxiLarry symbiotic business you should start! Problem: people wanna call and email their credit disputes and complaints. Solution: take their email and then jFax it.

Solution: take their email and then eFax it.
Solution: take their email and then electronic service Fax it.

I’m sorry I’m not sorry that this all sounds like “I’m jokey-jokey”. But every word is serious. Especially the paypal my phone 6502838008 $15.10 part Try it! Also, 101 credit secrets to “boost FICO score” works great and has a 70.00 rebate.

Congrats! It’s here

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