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Pop Up Internship #1, The Mark Cuban Sequence for CS Majors

by Larry Chiang on October 12, 2014

By Larry Chiang

Mark Cuban sold a company to a stanford alum for $5B. He has mentored us CS majors to ‘sell shoelaces’ Placing sales skills inside a CS major makes you a 10,000x CS major. Below is a specific sequence of Mark Cuban links that is an annotated subroutine to help you learn, risk free.

This post used to be called, “Top 7 Tweets Reveal HTMMWYMM in CS”. HTMMWYMM is “How to make money while you make money.”
This post is “Pop Up Internship #1: Selling a very specific braun power cord that charges at 8985, 8975 or 7526″ where you execute a specific piece of Mark Cuban advice. His advice was to ‘sell shoelaces’. As CS majors, you have read the Steve Blank ‘Manifesto‘ ( which requires us to know: You must be your own VP of sales as founders.
Thus in this blog post, I am connecting a Steve Blank manifest that will help your startup avoid startup bankruptcy with Mark Cuban advice.I must say, it is kinda genius!!Mark Cuban’s original sell shoelaces blog post is setting up a booth to sell shoelaces, I thought I could engineer a “Pop Up Internship” to sell Braun Power Cords

This is how you arbitrage:

This blog post is “”. Do you see the pattern?! It starts with a Mark Cuban post, and then I break down the Mark Cuban advice using a sequence of’s. is this post. The culmination leading up to your successfully selling something.
– No talking

– No failure
– Under 7 hours
– Kinda of a lot of details
They cost zero.As the “third institution of Silicon Valley” (asper Quora), I’m paying you to execute the business subroutine “Pop up Internship #1, #HTMMWYMM” You will make money selling a couple Braun Power Cords before you buy them. My lesson is simply this blog post ‘bit ly/mcuban710c’. It’s meant to self study but my cellphone is right there. Like how my mentor Mark McCormack helped me as ceo of IMG…, I’ll help you while I’m ceo of Duck9
LETS START (I’ll categorize this as pop up internship #1 of 5)… Let us start:
eBay has mismanaged mislabeled Braun power cord listings
CEO of Duck9, Larry (@6502838008)
Practice Arbitrage #ENGR145… 8985 Braun power cord LarryChiang

Amazon has been sold out since 2012

teeranggool (@teeranggool5)
Great Price Buy Braun Braun Syncro, Activator & 360 Complete Shaver charger/power cord Best Quality:

Braun Sy…

Print out or take paper notes: 

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Braun power cord (original equipment manufacturer) Braun part 7030458 (5496) for shaver 8585 #ENGR145…


Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
This is Pop Up Internship #1: Arbitraging Braun power cords (u buy low, sell high)…


Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
The effort of “Braun Power Cord” Based on a Search Arbitrage Hack #PopUpInternship

To review your buy low, sell high practice we called “pop up internship #1”

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)

The key is to sell inventory that you do not have (it’s a key Eric Ries / Steve Blank principal where cash comes in and then you go get what they bought). Selling is meant to build your entrepreneurship muscle. Executing one sale will grow your understanding tremendously. Selling someone something breaks down in the nitty gritty details.

Graduating from “Pop Up Internship #1” means you make appx ~$25.00 to $139.96
(Google “Braun power cord 139.96” )
What’s your name?!END ARTICLE

Todo 4 u: take
bitly/ @mcuban 710
sell Power Cords
Learning CS pays. 
“The gateway to learning computer science is doing white hat SEO”
– Larry Chiang 

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