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Iteration #3, Twitch Pattern Iterates Onto Paul Graham’s Sweet Spot

by Larry Chiang on October 12, 2014

By Larry Chiang 
Paul Graham can be introduced to you like a gateway founder drug with one pic and one
The one picture got Airbnb it’s $4B market cap and Twitch it’s $1B exit
PG’s part is “YC”.
Graph conclusion: Get a small segment to love you. For example “video game players that wanna watch each other play video games”
Twitch (@Twitch)
MT @gameinformer: Streaming Tips From @Twitch Most Followed User, @ProSyndicate –

Did the founders (who are YC partners) initially listen to PG?

Jennifer 8. Lee (@jenny8lee)
Don’t Give Up. Most important lesson. @Twitch was third version of the startup – Emmett Shear at

It turns out “No”. No the Twitch founders did not initially listen…It took them 3 iterations.

image.jpeg the official Twitter feed has my entrepreneur content curated under #LarryChiang
ENGR145 has a parallel concept that breaks down the PG slide into 14 slides and DJ’s in 5 mentors too
It’s called “Cross the Chasm from the Right”
Twitch sold for $1B

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)


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