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Trying To Change How People Attend Events

by Larry Chiang on January 10, 2014

By Larry Chiang
As a student of the Eric Ries, I remember his slogan, “Trying to change how startups are built”. 
Well, I’m aware of how people attend events. 

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
It is Highly NON Competitive, Out There

The issue. I’d call it a problem because it is. But lets stick with issue. How people attend events sucks. 

In short, people “one click RSVP” and prep zero. They do not read the invite. They don’t google the venue. They do not pre-blog. 
Eric Ries has MVP. I’ve an MVBP (minimum viable blog post). Pre blogging an event happens at a rate of 0.8 blog posts per event. 
Lets start with a massive failure on my part: Pound Larry Chiang. The idea of this was to help people pre-roll and pre promote themselves. The idea was interaction via email and text message. My intention was to help people pattern replicate my massive success value addedly hijacking events. 
Zero needle moved
I guess the critics are right: “You, Larry Chiang, have seemingly found a formula that works well for you, Larry Chiang”. Any effort to reveal secrets from behind the successful entrepreneur curtain is met with scorn. 
Why do people not pre-network with the host?
Why do people not email follow up after an event?
Why don’t people write an MVBP?
My conclusion: It is highly non competitive out there. If you’re an engineering undergrad, you can be a better engineer AND A BETTER TECH CONFERENCE GUEST. 
I feel like the scarecrow that waves at birds to come eat the crops because the farmer (my boss) discovered that bird shitake helps fertilize post harvest. But waving at the bird-brained birds to land and eat only scares them more ;-))
If you’re an IQ 188 engineer, I implore you to set aside 100 points of your Asian-style IQ (or honorary Asian status) and dumb down. Dumb it down. Sandbag for success and PRE NETWORK
Be smarter than everyone. 
Hide the fact that you’re smarter than everyone. 
Network like you’re dumber than everyone. Network like you are community college De la Palo Alto (versus Imma-douchie-Stanfurdh). Network like you’re a Parkland Community College, back-door-University-of-Illinois-Urbana-Champaign grad. 
Be smarter than people (in secret)
Be dumber then people (see what I did there ;-))
Be more. 
Taking ENGR145 3.75x helped me. This video boils down (hahahaa hahaahaaa chemical engineering pun intended!) a thousand hours of my genius
As a female, I’d…
At SXSW, I would watch
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