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Two Perspectives on Breaking Into Fashion

by Larry Chiang on March 29, 2014

image.jpegBy Larry Chiang 
One perspective is just plain and true…

Nichelle Stephens (@niche)
How to Break into Fashion:’s Public Relations Director Kilee Hughes…

My perspective is a direct descendant from my mentor’s teachings: His firm, IMG, started NYFW (NY Fashion Week). Here is my view via five points and three hashtags

-1- Hosting 11 Minute Parties (#LTMVP)
Three Eventbrite events. One in Memphis for Fashion Week’s preview. Your 11 minute Memphis party teases Memphis and motivates some to travel to NYC Sept 3-14. Another in Memphis for “Larry Chiang’s Fashion Night Out MEMPHIS”. Both Memphis events should be July August.
One Eventbrite event in NYC Sept 4/5. I’d do a fashion reception at Empire Hotel or Mandarin Oriental. Do the event in the hotel bar. Plot spoiler, you do not have to be 21 in a hotel bar 🙂
-2- DO WordPress Blog posts about fashion.
Use the #MVBP method. Google that hashtag for my minimum viable (wordpress) blog post business recipe
-3- EUTWMPPM (yup, it’s a hashtag)
-4- cross the innovation chasm from the right #CTCFTR
Pick one problem and use MPAF to solve it. Get a notebook because all these acronyms are detailed business recipes. Think of your career as making a 13 course gourmet meal. Every course in your meal has one hashtag. That sometimes has sub hashtags.
ENGR145’s Anchor Concepts “Lemonade and Gua Gua Guacamole” have about 15 hashtags.
They all move you to the right on the entrepreneur bell curve 
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