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Uber. It Builds Your FICO if You Try to Build Your Credit Score

by Larry Chiang on December 1, 2015

By Larry Chiang
Uber is in the transportation algorithm game. Not the credit-score-raising game. 
You as the consumer can use Uber and have it build your credit. Uber is at the startup stage: Main Street. 
uber has Crossed the Chasm (from the right)
Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Uber. Youre in the FICO score building business whether you realize it or not. :-)) #externalAPI

Uber isn’t going to walk you through raising your FICO so you’re not a credit card deadbeat like the last 10 years. Uber relies on your effort to get back into the credit game. 

/1/ Get $300 and get a Bank of America secured card
Link it after you download the Uber app (complete with $70 discount code and process).
If you’re a college student with your parents credit card attached to Uber…, attaché one card in your own social security number. Set your parents card on default. 

Good luck using Uber to build your FICO score! What’s your credit score goal!? Email me!!

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