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What a Justin Verlander Can Teach an Entrepreneur About Home Field Advantage on the Road

by Larry Chiang on October 23, 2012

By Larry Chiang

Justin Verlander can teach engineers about winning on the road.

I know this because Mark McCormack is my mentor. He is a super agent that spawned an industry. He taught me “How to get home field advantage on the road”.

I turned Mark McCormack’s 1983 business recipes into my own Meme: Gua Gua Guacamole

Here is what Justin Verlander knows about home field advantage on the road:

-1- Sleep in Your Own Bed

On the road are you going to leave REM cycles up to chance pending the quality of pillow?!

Heck no.

In the critical battery of mattress and pillow, pro athletes at the Hall of Fame level take away the irregularities of the road.

Choke hold home field advantage on the road by sleeping on the exact replica of your mattress, pillow and bedding.

Think Verlander is the only freak that thought of doing this?! Nope.

Oprah packs her own sheets and bedding. She’s chill compared to an IMG client that plays golf.

Tiger Woods rents 3 houses at a time and has 3 sets of house furniture. Let me repeat, that’s the bed, headboard, pillow bedding and 5 other rooms. IMG reps Tiger Woods. My mentor started IMG. Its not attorney client privilege because I may know US law well enough to pass laws, but I am not his attorney.

Also, it’s common knowledge on the tour and the information came to public light during an ESPN interview. I hold secrets super well and would never sell an athlete out that is a friend.

-2- Rent a House from October 20 to Nov 3 in SF *and* St Louis.

If I were Justin Verlander’s agent, I’d have booked two houses.

One in St Louis after Game Four when the St Louis Cardinals were up 3 games to one in a best of seven series. I would rent a second house as real-world insurance. After Barry Zito’s 40′ bunt for RBI to win the game he was pitching, I’d have booked a two bedroom condo at Infinity or Millennium. I’d even sublet from Mike Mattheny (same agent, same pattern, same street smart tricks shared)

Its not just in baseball, it’s also business.

Attorneys that sue you either book a hotel room or rent 6 houses. If you’re suing Duck9 here in Palo Alto, California, you’re communicating a clear message if you’re staying at the Westin, Sheraton or Four Seasons. If you’re renting houses, you are saying: “We are digging in for war, going to Hell, bring your sunblock because we may be wrong suing you, but we want you in hell too.”

*********** DISCLOSURE: As CEO of Duck9, I passed a law called the CARD Act that Fair Isaac does not like. Thx Dick Durbin (D-IL) *********** -3- Girlfriends. Do leave home without them

As an agent, the most difficult thing to do is manage the superstars psychotic girlfriend. She is strait cray cray because the guy superstar is getting thrown three quarters as much puddy as Larry Chiang on a Stanford football Saturday with Alpha Epsilon chapter of Gamma Phi Beta in full Palo Alto effect.

Yes Justin Verlander’s grandfather confirmed his grandson is dating Kate Upton (Sports Illustrated cover).

*********** DISCLOSURE: I am a supermodel and financially benefit from modeling and IMG. Ivan Bart, IMG, reps Kate Upton. My mentor started IMG. ***********

No Kate Upton won’t be coming with Justin Verlander. It’s because on the road, Verlander has better-than-home-field advantage. It’s a pattern I’ll try to replicate


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It moves you to the right on the entrepreneur bell curve

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