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What Alex Salazar Didn’t Stress (But Knows and Does) More notes

by Larry Chiang on May 28, 2014

Disclosure: this post contains hashtags which are subroutines and require the use of StackOverFlow-GitHub like skills to google. If you’re not CS-versed, please leave.
By Larry Chiang 
ENGR 145 is a hashtag that inc sales into “technology entrepreneurship”. Well, Alex went to GT for CS and then GSB.
I wanna focus on “things Alex mentioned but did not stress”. First off, know that I sat first chair entrepreneurship with my friend Valeria Kholostenko 
Here are Alex’s notes:

Alex Salazar (@SalaTzar)
How to run a sales call on…

Here are my notes “things Alex mentioned but did not stress”

-1- “mailing paper”
To be fair Alex mentioned this 3x. Mailing things works. 
For developers, he sends a ‘thank you t-shirt’. Mailing things helps ease a sales call.
My mentor, Mark McCormack stressed this too. 
-2- “Live events”
Alex mentioned this post, post event during private Q&A.
The idea with live events is to do lead generation in the real world.
My mentor, Mark McCormack stressed this too. See sales subroutine #WTDTYAHBS

See subroutine “afterparty” maneuver.
-3- “Park a person there”
Alex mentioned this concept 4x. [Ask Ian for the video.] When I questioned Alex, after the second time, he dismissed it. Afterwards, he mentioned it two more times.
My mentor, Mark McCormack stressed this too!!
The concept of “park a person there” is to do account-management-on-site. Here are some specifics:
– Offer a two-day a week on site.
– As per Alex “we sit there and just code, side-by-side” (his 4th mention)
– being a ‘CS major that sells’, means you’ve done 90% of the work already
– active needs discovery via #EUBM means it economically makes sense at $50k per account.
-a- This dovetails with “consulting as start revenue”
-b- this “park a person there” jives as ‘doing things that don’t scale’.
-c- this leads to the last point “what Alex said but didn’t stress”
-4- Affect the RFP.
Affect the RFP by “mentor marketing”. 
If you’re a startup that is doing an #LCMCC sequel company, the innovation you are implementing will be shockingly new to the retards you’re selling.
Walk the retards thru the process. Here is me and my giant brain walking you baby business/ CS majors thru E145’s subroutines 
ENGR145’s subroutines: “Lemonade and Gua Gua Guacamole”
It moves you to the right on the entrepreneur bell curve 
My mentor, Mark McCormack wrote the book #WTDTYAHBS. Instead of “business recipes from 1983”, I repackaged it as #GuaGuaGuacamole

If you’re female and in CS…,
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