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What Avengers’ Ironman Can Teach Us About Entrepreneurship

by Larry Chiang on May 7, 2012

By Larry Chiang

I wanted to call this article: ‘What The Tony Stark Pattern of Entrepreneurship Can Teach Us’.

Tony Stark is the MIT educated SuperHero. He is also a pretty good CEO of Stark Enterprises. I study alpha males so that I can pattern replicate the good and pattern non-replicate the bad. Here are three drill-downs:

-1- Be a Beta Male

Team playing is just that: being a team player. Translated into non political correctness: “You need to sometimes bend over and get screwed”.

Getting screwed is ‘what they don’t teach you in business school’. I learned that at minute number 11:11 in the movie ‘Horrible Bosses’. Seriously, check it. In Avengers, Tony Stark gets screwed and takes it for the team.

Speaking of getting screwed…

-2- Tony Stark should bang less on the road.

Yes, I just broached the taboo sex topic.

In my book’s chapter 11, I solve over 2,500 years of sexual disfunction in the workplace in 17 pages, 8 graphs, and two quotes.

Quote #1. Don’t bang on the road. Quote #2. You can lose money chasing ass. You can never lose ass chasing money.

Tony Stark banging 12 of 13 Maxim cover models exemplifies banging too much. Tony Stark created the Arc Reactor when he was in a cave in captivity. He didn’t bang anyone and catapulted forward.

Quick name another Tony Stark invention besides the armored suit. Ya can’t. Oh, by the way. He invented the suit in that same cave when he was on a vacay from banging.

-3- Groom and Develop an R2D2

Effen Benny the robot helps Tony Stark and gets yelled at. Jarvis the other Tony Stark robot all but builds the armored suit for Tony Stark while Tony Stark is at a Tony Stark fundraiser where Tony Stark is thinking about banging his own assistant.

Tony Stark failed to groom an R2D2. He has all of the pieces necessary for an R2D2 2.0. ‘Benny’ actually pulls a full-on R2D2 by saving Tony Stark’s life in IronMan when Benny delivers Tony Stark a back-up Arc Reactor to replace the one stolen. R2D2 saves Luke Skywalker’s ass about ten times.

There are more Ironman Avengers entrepreneur tips in the comments section down below

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