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What FICO Score Is Needed for Westin Hotel’s American Express

by Larry Chiang on May 22, 2015

W Hotel Scottsdale Starwood Preferred Guest AMEX, Larry Chiang W Hotel Scottsdale Starwood Preferred Guest AMEX, Larry Chiang

By Larry Chiang

The scoring algorithm might go against general population’s common sense. The credit score minimums for Amex SPG ‘Starwood Preferred Guest’ has ins-and-outs only insiders like me navigate. On Quora, an American Express exec chimes in from behind the secret curtain: “Larry Chiang nails the answer right on the head”

@larrychiang: Mike @arrington ya know by 11-11 day, I’ll get u approved Re: Amex just declined me again for a starwood card

Mike Arrington’s Quora:
“My credit score is 748 and amex has repeatedly declined me for a card.”

“Damnit Amex, Give Me A Credit Card”
— Mike Arrington, TechCrunch

I was inclined to spend an hour and a half answering Mr. Mike’s question (see the 14 videos down below). You see, Mr Mike has invited me to invite dozens and dozens of startup engineers and Stanford founders. To return the favor, I have reverse engineered all things Starwood Hotel’s American Express to coach up your credit, FICO score, clarify verbal legends about Amex credit rules and overview America credit underwriting policy as governed under US law; the Fair Credit Reporting Act

Good news = Mr Mike Arrington now has an Amex earning points every time he stays at a Westin Hotel!



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