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Who Is LISA FALZONE here at SXSW??

by Larry Chiang on February 28, 2014

By Larry Chiang
She’s an athlete.
Read who the new, new athletes are in entrepreneurship 


DO you play baseball and are jealous what 25 UT undergrads learned Feb 21-23 at Stanford University??
Bob Metcalfe, athlete / student at MIT said “founders are the new NCAA athletes” {<~ SURPRSING}
What they don’t teach you at UT athletics that they do teach you at Stanford Athletics:
“As a swimmer or football tosser, u can’t be Andrew Luck starting an ENGR145 business. The NCAA expressly forbids us to be us. The NCAA EXPRESSLY FORBIDS “Andrew Luck”, “Jordan Williamson”, “Lisa Falzone”, “Caroline Rodriguez”, “Larry chiang*” to be et all.
So I solved that.
You don’t get “a stripper name”. That would be ProsperAss-the-movie I’m launching at SXSW. YOU GOTTA GET A CHINESE-ie name
Seriously, serious
Jordan Williamson can’t even talk to kids (grade 10,11,12), let alone coach them. It’s in the NCAA booster rules seminar. Imma booster and sat in the front row WITH MY HAND JACKED UP PERCHED TO ASK A MUTHA SCRATCHING QUESTION ALL THE SHIH ZHU TIME.
Jordan Williamson, JR, Austin. Stanford athlete has gotta pick an alias if he launches his engr 145 company “outside of the building” as Stanford Engineering 245 professor commands and mentors us to do. 245 is a sequel Sequel to my ENGR145’s Anchor franchise 
Jordan Williamson, should you decide to launch a #LCMCC: “Lemonade and Gua Gua Guacamole biz, text my 650-293-8008 phone so I can generate a super Chinese name. Like……. LARRY CHIANG
Seriously. Who needs humor when rules are so hiLarryAss and laughable
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Stanford University Entrepreneur in Residence, Emeritus
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