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Y-combinator’s Startup School’s Under-Promotes Success via Side Projects aka Moonlighting

by Larry Chiang on October 11, 2014

By Larry Chiang 

I Motivationally Listen(no TM.) from the front sitting “First Chair Entrepreneurship”(no TM). CS 183B, Startup School and De Anza Community College do not stress “side projects”
Here is why you should do what I taught at MIT, “Engineering Entrepreneurship Education for Engineers who may never be founders (unless the situation is perfect)”
Startup School (@startupschool)
Groupon started as a side project while @andrewmason was working on The Point & became the fastest growing company in history #startupschool

Pay attention to…

Bess Ho (@Bess)
I met @jack when he was attending his first Startup School @Stanford Twitter was still side project. I get my first twitter acct after that

My friend Poornima has a book. 

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
“side project” is #Chap2 of @femgineer‘s book.
DJ ing #StartUpSchool w Duke U.

Mark Cuban loves it too!

The BBJ Newsroom (@BostonBizNews)
Mark Cuban backs Harvard Business School startup HourlyNerd’s MBA moonlighting service for small business…

The author of Purple Cow, Seth Godin was featured in this VERY pertinent tweet:

AreWeCrazy,OrWhat? (@AreWeCrazyOWhat)
Entrepreneurship As A Prepper Skill #moonlighting, #extraincome

Get curious about practicing entrepreneurship by seeing the hashtag #ENGR145 
The hashtag is free and links to

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