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You Start By Doing Tough Stuff (Later it will FLOW)

by Larry Chiang on November 7, 2015

By Larry Chiang

So, when I was starting, someone at a Fortune 500 caught me doing work.

You want to let people catch you doing things.
Old executive people wanna hire people that did the exact project for some other executive.

When you’re doing a startup, you want to be doing work.
When youre wanting an internship, you want to be doing the work.

The old way was to work speculatively and not get paid.
The new way is #InternalEscrow

The old way was wait for VC money (venture capital money)
The new way is to execute “deep underground capital knowledge”.

The old way was for your new startup to wait for a Fortune 500 contract
The new way is #OneWayLetterOfIntent

The old way was #dttds (Paul Graham’s essay
The new way is #dttdsBHM (still the PG essay, but with my notes

You start by doing tough stuff
You start by ‘doing things that don’t scale’
You start by doing #dttdsBHM and later it BHM’s (flows). But Has Momentum = BHM = ‘flow’

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