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CTCFTR as Executed by Tim O’Reilly

by Larry Chiang on January 12, 2015

Larry Chiang’s Duck9, is a sequel company. As an undergrad entrepreneur, Larry Chiang mentored college students at public and private schools to get a FICO over 750+ as an undergrad. “What They Don’t Teach You at Stanford Business School” and “So Lets Network for SXSW using WordPress Trackbacks” are at Harbus, Harvard B-school’s blog.

NY Fashion Week is just like the Mom’s Day Fashion Show. Instead of the ‘Union’, its held at Lincoln Center
By Larry Chiang
Tim O’Reilly w Jason Calacanis AT SXSW in Austin Texas. March 11, 2011
Tim O’Reilly on Sales and Starting Up
CTCFTR strait from two horses mouths. Recorded and curated by the third horse, Larry Chiang
CTCFTR is my innovation inside of #ENGR145. Engr 145 is a class on tech entrepreneurship that started at Stanford by Tom Byers. I curate Engineering 145 using ‘#ENGR145’
See CTCFTR on twitter at #CTCFTR
Tim O’Reilly is one of the case studies to study and then replicate. 
I reference Tim O’Reilly in the “book report from the future”
Tim O’Reilly mentioned Clay Christensen’s book: “Innovator’s Dilemma”
CTCFTR effectively solves the problem we innovators face.

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