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Hunter Peress Asks a Popular Credit Question

by Larry Chiang on December 9, 2015

Larry Chiang encourages CS majors to hack the FICO score, credit scoring system and game. Why should you trust a New York Times best selling author that doubles as a supermodel at New York Fashion Week?! See the #CSmajorCRO effort of 63,000 tweets. See the e-f-f-o-r-t of months-and-months of CS major promotion work: What They Don’t Teach You At Stanford Business School launched 09-09-09. Its a hit sequel to, “What They Don’t Teach You at Harvard Business School“.

Stanford Engineering heard a 3 minute keynote and brought Chiang in as EIR to teach, “#ENGR145″. Start up your CS major “Chief Revenue Officer” skills inside any Computer Science department by first hacking your credit score without having to pay any interest to a bank.

New York Fashion Week will be Sept 9-19, 2016.
— Larry Chiang
CEO, Duck9

By Larry Chiang

Question from Hunter Peress: If I have $800 out on my credit card, but I pay the monthly $25 payment, do I lose money to the bank?

Answer from Larry Chiang:

Credit card rules are weird and from an older era. They are archaic by design. I preach from the TOS and FCRA (terms of service and Fair Credit Reporting Act). Focus on

  • Leveraging the “Grace period”.
    You want to have grace periods work for you. In order make the 25 day grace period work for you, you need to pay 100% of every statement balance. Read below for how a Grace Period does not work.
  • Manage your credit card like a debit card.
    What I mean is that you should pay the full balance; weekly.
    One of the best lifehacks I preach and execute is: “I, Larry Chiang, turn my credit card into a debit card.” I pay it all off twice per month on Thursdays. I even have a calendar reminder for VCs and for Founders
  • Stop leveraging ‘float’. Float is miniscule.
  • Do not play the points game. You can win this game by playing a game you want to win. Don’t play the game that is stacked against you. Play the “Maximize Your FICO score game”
  • Don’t get a debit card and get banks to revenue you like its a constant-granting-credit-credit-card.
    When you owe on your debit card or fall below the balance, you are managing your debit card like a credit card. CLICHE debit card mistake!!

How a grace period does NOT work (quoting from one of the 1,911 blog articles at Duck9)

  1. A grace period of 25 days disappears if you have an existing amount you owe
  2. A grace period of disappears if you have an existing credit card balance (also known as an amount you owe from the last statement

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