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PO Box 105281, Atlanta GA 30348, Larry Chiang’s Credit Bureau #ExpTransFax 650-283-8008

by Larry Chiang on October 9, 2014

#PObox105281 = “PO Box 105281”

By Larry Chiang
Rules dictate style of play in pro sports.

In the game of money, venture capital and cash, credit rules. And what rules credit?! America credit laws rule credit in the United States.
Specifically, the USA congressional law is called Fair Credit Reporting (FCRA). It was a bill that become an Act of law. In short it states that credit disputes are only to be executed using 1970s technology only. FCRA was and is a 1970s rule (of law). America is a rule of law nation, so your conclusion should be “FCRA applies to me as an American”
99% of people say: “That law makes no common sense because I want to use the web and email”
“Write credit disputes, you’ve a prayer,
If not, you’ve nothing but air”
— Larry Chiang
PO 105281

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Is it bad that I don’t feel bad?


This piece of paper plus a 49c stamp solves a lot of future problems.
Can you do me a favor after you don’t listen? I’m compiling a list of losers who heard but did not listen. I’d like to compile a list of these credit failures. Because it is comical to me.

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