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What Your Chinese Entrepreneur Relatives Execute Isn’t Different From Silicon Valley 2.0

by Larry Chiang on December 3, 2013

By Larry Chiang
Stanford sophomores from Asia. All y’all had to pre pay two years of tuition. Yes, before freshman year, you as a foreign student has to park two years tuition. 
I can guess where that cash came from. A business. 
Ok, you’ve been here in the 94305 for 1.45 years now. You’ve discovered the secret Safeway and can navigate marguerite like a pro. 
Let me venture another educated guess: You feel contorted and discombobulated about entrepreneurship because of your past, glimpses of the future, snapshots of celeb guest speakers, murmurs of CS183 and rumors of ENGR145. As a Chinese sophomore, you’re feeling disconnected. 
Let me DJ up your knowledge. Allow me to orchestrate the fog of Chinese entrepreneurship knowledge in your brain. My exact, specific, method will be three pronged
-1- Be more Asian than your Grandparents combined 
-2- Be more Silicon Valley than the next tree speakers (hahahaa TREE. Get it, I sound Asian!). Be more Silicon Valley
-3- Use 5 hashtags. 
Hashtag number one. #CTCFTR
Innovation isn’t new. Adoption of innovation has always been a challenge. This hashtag is somethjng that your rich Grandfather inherently knew and knows. CTCFTR is “Crossing the innovation chasm from the right”. Nearly every Chinese person run business that makes money did this to start. They pattern replicated CTCFTR
Your family’s mega business was build on
(a) an algorithm
(b) an arbitrage
Your dad that took over running that business may not know what an API is, but they know #CTCFTR in their bones. Me?! I’m just the person who is more Silicon Valley than CROSSING THE CHASM AUTHOR, Geoffrey Moore :-))
Hashtag number TWO: #PRPRPI
I mentioned pattern replication. PRPRPI is
– Pattern recognition. 
– Pattern replication.
– Pattern iteration 
Maybe your parents are Chinese, moved to Taiwan because the Japs invaded. Built up a business that made widgets. 
These Taiwan widgets are slightly better. Way cheaper. Because of their successful business, you’re able to prepay two years tuition. 
You’re a pattern. A cliche pattern. You’re not a special snowflake. Once we embrace that we are cliches and pattern recognize our rote and commonplace pattern, DO WE HAVE A CHANCE TO BE A SPECIAL SNOWFLAKE*
PRPRPI is searchable on twitter. It leads me to a related Asian Entrepreneur Maneuver as old as rice bowls, jade trinkets and Entrepreneur Jiu Jitsu:
Hashtag number THREE: RMRMRE 
I made a video about 
– Risk Mitigation
– Risk Minimization
– Risk Elimination
Lol I know your ROFL right now. Here is my Chinkie video I made in ten minutes with a device that cost $90.00 used. It is about #RMRMRE

In the future, Silicon Valley will use this so that risk is minimized (while still preserving the billion dollar exit :-))

Hashtag #4. Number four is #ENGR145

All E145 is, is a lemonade stand business using a light dusting of tech. The class is technology entrepreneurship inside of MS&E. 

Your Asian relatives that have a business doing more than $50mm USD, all had a baby business. For example, 
Uncle Peter had a super small fig farm. 
Uncle John had a fruit stand where he arbitraged fruit. 
Uncle Tom had a fireworks business that BLEW UP. So cray cray

You better chinaman the eff up and do a lemonade stand biz. The wisdom of your forefathers I collected into the hashtag #ENGR145

Hashtag number FIVE.


Lets look at Uncle John before I reveal “LC9090i”. While John had the technological know-how to grow some random Taiwanese fruit, he just sold someone else’s. If he were in Engineering, which he studied, he would first sell something that already exists. 

As an ENGR undergrad. We should do that. Ok, what is #LC9090i?! It is the model that underlies every VC mindset. It is why serial entrepreneurs do well. 

90% of your startup exists already. 
90% are things that the market does already. 

It’s “Entrepreneur Jiu Jitsu” to twitter search #LC9090i. 

Last hashtag: #GuaGuaGuacamole. 

Asian people from the northern regions prep a lot. They don’t just show up. Their back up plans have backup plans

That what Gua Gua Guacamole is. My mentor Mark McCormack taught me how to be mayor of this town, Silicon Valley, from 2008 to 2012 using Gua Gua Guacamole. Also known as BUSINESS STRATEGIES FROM 1983. 

Good Luck and read what I read:

Robert Hof (@robhof)
The Rob Hof Daily is out! Stories via @amklaassen @LarryChiang @googledevs

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#ENGR145’s Anchor Concept: Lemonade and Gua Gua Guacamole 
It moves you to the right on the entrepreneur bell curve 
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