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I'll shoot you w/a nerf gun if you don't manage your credit.

11:11 is my goal of getting duck9 consumers lots of 1s.

24 1's in a row equals a 750 FICO.

A "one" is an on-time payment in credit reporting code.

A '9'=charged off bad-debt. You wanna duck 9s.

Duck9 = Deep Underground Credit Knowledge (Duck 9's on your credit report. 9's are charge-offs)

"Making sure college credit virgins get deflowered right since 2004"

"Larry Chiang is an expert at the dark art of FICO score preparation"

from Paul Thompson, Founder Scottish American Capital

Harvard Business School '09

"Who needs Stanford Business School when you have Larry Chiang"

from David Rohrsheim, Draper Fisher Jurvetson

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Acing University of Texas Entrepreneur Week, 2020

by Larry Chiang on November 10, 2019

By Larry Chiang
University of Texas Entrepreneurship Week, , will take place March 2, 2020 ~ March 17, 2020
Nothing is set in stone yet. These dates are based on extrapolations from 2019
How nearly everyone does #UTeWeek is that they kinda half-ass it. People will chase celebs and free food. Students will avoid real work. Participants will not do extra homework. At best, they will attend a meeting to help organize #UTeWeek which means meetings talking about setting up more #UTeWeek meetings. 
Problem: #UTeWeek is free and awesome. So people take it for granted. 
Solution. Pretend you paid $120,000 for #UTeWeek and need to get your ROI Before day 1 of #UTeWeek which could occur as early as February 25, 2020
Do what Bob Metcalfe mentors us to do. Learn sales. But try in private so that if you fail, it’s a private failure between me and you. 
Selling is at the heart of entrepreneurship. It’s massively unpopular to teach because sales is emotionally hard. Selling makes you feel like a loser. 
Five things to try to sell before #UTeWeek (preferably over thanksgiving or Christmas and ideally take under 7 hours. Think of it as a Pop Up Internship That’s Self Study)

To convince you that sales are important, the Starbucks founders sold Peets beans. 
Larry Chiang @duck9 (@LarryChiang)
Mr Adande. its larry chiang from the 3rd from the front, row of the jeremy Lin #10feb2012 presser. 
Did you know that starbucks did an #externalAPI to peets COFFEE BY SELLING THEIR BEans when they were stARTING
#guaGuaGuacamole #23 


Take an existing donut and add a Harry Potter twist
Kim Cung (@KimCungTV)
UHM YESSSSSS. Sugar Shack Donuts in Virginia Beach to sell Harry Potter inspired doughnuts. Donut worry, be happy! 


Sell a Tuxedo where you add embroidery
CEO of Duck9, Larry at (650) 283-8008 (@6502838008)
Hey ⁦‪@MaverickHandley‬⁩, Tom Brady used to play your position! Remember, adding embroidery to a #tb12 Brioni tuxedo is strait Lec 16; #ENGR145 [#externalAPI]. 

One Peloton. 

Larry Chiang @duck9 (@LarryChiang)
#OnePeloton is #sextupleEntendre and one part oxymoron bcc #ExternalAPI for the TwoCenturyClub shirt is $55 +32 s/h. and include a screenshot of your 200 rides

TwoCenturyClub shirt is $55 +32 s/h

Peloton gives you a OneCentury shirt. 
You can wrap an Hermès scarf on an LV bag…

Sell a purse. 

An #ExternalAPI because Ms Burch cant stop me from making a BBQ handbag made outta corrugated that transports my Grill 

Sell a Tory Burch inspired “purse” that carries your BBQ 
Larry Chiang @duck9 (@LarryChiang)
Fashion shows de la ⁦‪@toryburch‬⁩ and a ❤️ for BBQ that #SoLoMo (Social Local And Mobile 🙂

An #ExternalAPI because Ms Burch cat stop me from making a BBQ handbag made outta corrugated that transports my Grill

Sell an Unofficial Season 8. 

Larry Chiang @duck9 (@LarryChiang)
⁦‪@SiliconHBO‬⁩ I am doing an #ExternalAPI by doing a Season 7, “#SiliconValley

Season 8 picks up after the #SiliconValleyHBO movie. Season 7 = The Prequel To #Seas1Ep1 

bcc ⁦‪@MikeJudge‬⁩ with a ⁦‪@WestworldHBO‬⁩ like activation at sxsw 2020

Larry Chiang @duck9 (@LarryChiang)
These guys are DJ’ing together hot sauce

This is how you brand a new brand of hot sauce without having to grow your own La(4) La(4) Ha(1) Ba(4) Nr(3) Ro(1)


This is how you brand a new brand of hot sauce without having to grow your own La(4) La(4) Ha(1) Ba(4) Nr(3) Ro(1)
Larry Chiang @duck9 (@LarryChiang)
Some patriot family member of a family member is gonna pay $2,000 / night. #sbLiV

Remember kids, even under socialism where everyone is equal, sex market value gets traded ass currency  #cs183smv

Sell hotel rooms. Then, buy the hotel rooms

Larry Chiang @duck9 (@LarryChiang)
If you’re a sales virgin as an undergrad engineer, sell this ticket

KTVA 11 News (@ktva)
A Minnesota college student has been going to Iowa every weekend to buy hundreds of Krispy Kreme doughnuts to sell in the Twin Cities area for $17-$20 a box.


Larry Chiang @duck9 (@LarryChiang)
Sell a $600 FICO score prep program for $80. Offer 100% refund. Or a 100% rebate. U pick. Keep 100% revenue. #HTDWD9DWOHTHD9

#HTDWD9DWOHTHD9Larry Chiang @duck9 (@LarryChiang)
Baby revenue. #cs183duckBk

3/12On your pen and paper, write:

** Braun power cord Part number 7030458. Consumer can barely read their own shaver model number such as 7546 or 8795 **

“Sell it first. 

And then buy it.”…


Larry Chiang @duck9 (@LarryChiang)
3 of my 20,000 San Francisco friends are coming to #Austin for South by BCC #UTeWeek ⁦‪@gregfenves‬⁩ 

P.S. Greg, Is there talk of me getting a “Lifetime Achievement Award”. I mean a founded #UTeWeek and #CalEWeek in the face of massive adversity and even curated #StanfordEweek

Student athletes usually excel at selling but the NCAA prohibits you from selling as per ncaa rules. 
Satoshi Nakamoto is an alias that a student athlete used to navigate his side hustle


Analyzing ROI for an Exorbitantly Priced VIP Event

November 8, 2019

By Larry Chiang My first trip to SF had a price tag of $60,000. It was for Hambrect and Quist’s Technology Conference.  Mark McCormack said, “If I didn’t get my ROI for the four day Hambrect and Quist event, that he’d refund me the difference” As Mark McCormack’s mentee, I wanna get you your ROI […]

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Where Stars Come From And Why People Rise

November 8, 2019

By Larry Chiang It’s staggering, the volume of people under mentor Mark Marquess I’ve maybe helped five baseball players with their FICO score from 1990 to 2016 Mentors.  Notice how Bill Clerico mentors the eagle to avert his face and gaze downward so that the eyeballs appear correctly in the Eagle Larry Chiang @duck9 (@LarryChiang) […]

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Bloomberg Crypto And CNBC Crypto Experts Claim One Whale Manipulated Price to $20,000

November 6, 2019

By Larry Chiang Reading the source code is important. The source is not a summary. The source code is vast and detailed Here is the summary that is wrong Bloomberg Crypto (@crypto) 11/3/19, 11:09 PM A lone whale was behind Bitcoin manipulation in 2017, Texas academic says Here is the white paper written by University […]

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Stanford Engineering Alums Gotta Compete for CEO Jobs with Other Salespeople

November 5, 2019

By Larry Chiang 80% of CEOs have sales experience From my unscientific data collection, most engineers get their sales experience while they’re an undergrad or back when we were in high school.  Call it smuggling – call it entrepreneurship. Either way, Minnesota’s Jayson Gonzalez is calling it quits after Krispy Kreme told him to stop […]

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Selling Something You Didn’t Make Is THE Entrepreneurship Lesson They Taught You at Stanford Engineering Since 2009

November 5, 2019

By Larry Chiang I wanted to call this article, “Selling Doughnuts You Didn’t Make Is Like ‘Selling First And Then Making It’ Like Paul Buchheit Said” but it’s problematic because students do not know the genius of  SELL IT FIRST BEFORE YOU CODE IT In selling something first, you must initially identify a problem Problem. There […]

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Crypto Marketing on Twitter

November 4, 2019

By Larry Chiang Be part of the #Pi1Million Video. To participate, upload a video to Instagram or Twitter using the #Pi1Million hashtag. We will mix multiple videos together into one. Pi Network (@PiCoreTeam) 10/23/19, 8:47 PM Be part of the #Pi1Million Video. To participate, upload a video to Instagram or Twitter using the #Pi1Million hashtag. We will mix multiple […]

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Growth, Where Does It Come From

November 3, 2019

“As a Chinese-American, you turn up for an Entrepreneur Conference and so often you have your guard up a little bit, because you’re used accounting for the super majority of 🇺🇸 GDP, growth.”  I spoke to myself about what the ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ film meant to American Born Chinese people It meant we had to […]

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Tony Robbins’ Business Mastery Program with TED Alums

November 3, 2019

Larry Chiang went to a public school with no resources and no venture capital so he had to get a high credit score and learn ‘technology entrepreneurship’ from afar. Everyone can use as a basecamp, Stanford engineering, “Engineering 145”. After meeting Paul Thompson to collaborate on Irv Grousbeck’s content, Harvard Business wrote: “What They Don’t […]

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Business School ROI

November 2, 2019

Preethi Kasireddy (@iam_preethi) 11/1/19, 4:54 PM Instead of paying $200K to go to business school for 2 years, use that $200K to fund and build your own business for those 2 years. You’ll learn 10x more.

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