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I'll shoot you w/a nerf gun if you don't manage your credit.

11:11 is my goal of getting duck9 consumers lots of 1s.

24 1's in a row equals a 750 FICO.

A "one" is an on-time payment in credit reporting code.

A '9'=charged off bad-debt. You wanna duck 9s.

Duck9 = Deep Underground Credit Knowledge (Duck 9's on your credit report. 9's are charge-offs)

"Making sure college credit virgins get deflowered right since 2004"

"Larry Chiang is an expert at the dark art of FICO score preparation"

from Paul Thompson, Founder Scottish American Capital

Harvard Business School '09

"Who needs Stanford Business School when you have Larry Chiang"

from David Rohrsheim, Draper Fisher Jurvetson

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Normal Intuition Will Make You Go Bankrupt

by Larry Chiang on July 17, 2019

By Larry Chiang

Bankruptcy, companies dying and death. 

Few want to speak about these topics. But they’re so common. Normal intuition will make you likely to go bankrupt 

Larry Chiang @duck9 (@LarryChiang)
Waiting on a Fortune 500 deal to come through…

Bankruptcy! Bankruptcy, thy name is throwing another Hail Mary hoping to get a touchdown down 3-28. #LFG



Arianna Simpson (@AriannaSimpson)
Startups: partnerships are bullshit in 99% of cases. If they’re not paying you, you don’t have a real deal.


Larry Chiang @duck9 (@LarryChiang)
Guys all *think* they wanna be at peak SMV, but what they don’t realize is that it’s females of all ages swinging their best shot

#HailMary’s should only be a quarterbacking play 
#cs183smv #ShootersShoot

Larry Chiang @duck9 (@LarryChiang)
Bankruptcy is imminent “Deutsche Bank”

Hail Marys are bad

Deutsche Bank will start throwing Hail Marys. 

Chance Lunceford Is Logocentrifugal (@LogoCentrifuge)
⁦‪@TheBrometheus‬⁩ ⁦‪@AmazonFBAGuy‬⁩ #prprpi

Outsource the pattern recognition to ease the process of pattern repetition and pattern iteration

Thanks again ⁦‪@LarryChiang‬⁩


Does Going To an Ivy Reduce Likelihood Of Going Bankrupt

July 15, 2019

By Larry Chiang Larry Chiang @duck9 (@LarryChiang) 6/28/19, 8:03 AM Stanford, MIT and YC have the same bankruptcy rate as Josephina Blow (how’s my gender agnostic practice? Normally, I’d say Joe Blow) Why smart people go bankrupt is not a tragedy or irony…, ITS A CLICHE!! #Duck #Bankruptcy Larry Chiang @duck9 (@LarryChiang) 6/28/19, 7:56 AM Your dual […]

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Avoiding The Painful Skill Building to Cold Call

July 14, 2019

By Larry Chiang Cold calling skills will help you duck bankruptcy.  Larry Chiang @duck9 (@LarryChiang) 6/29/19, 12:41 PM Cold calling.  For the initial steps, tech founders leverage a giant YC rolodex. Then, they discover that they need to learn how to Cold Call. #cs183phone Larry Chiang @duck9 (@LarryChiang) 6/29/19, 12:44 PM Calling people on the phone […]

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Getting More ROI, Return On Investment, Than Superhumanly Possible. Ep 2 Season 1

July 12, 2019

Larry Chiang @duck9 (@LarryChiang) 7/4/19, 8:47 AM Minutia micro details Not going bankrupt as an Entrepreneur means bringing in the smallest and paltriest of revenue tidbits. Video 1 of 15 Larry Chiang @duck9 (@LarryChiang) 7/4/19, 8:49 AM Skills you’ll need – hosting – reading business recipes – doing those signature business protocols Video 2 of […]

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President Donald Trump and Gabor Gurbacs Talk About Crypto

July 11, 2019

Gabor Gurbacs (@gaborgurbacs) 7/11/19, 5:38 PM ⁦‪@realDonaldTrump‬⁩ President Trump (⁦‪@realDonaldTrump‬⁩)— Approving a well-regulated Bitcoin ETF that focuses on investor protection may help protect the public interest and promote healthy, fair and orderly markets. A Bitcoin ETF may offer the following protections & benefits.… Gabor Gurbacs (@gaborgurbacs) 5/2/19, 5:08 AM ETFs offer:+ Daily proof of reserves (NAV)+ […]

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The Graph I Copy Paste Second Most For Founders

July 8, 2019

Larry Chiang earned what seems to be a J.B.A. Jedi in Business Administration. Learning from Mark McCormack’s book can seem like business magic. Neither he nor his mentor went to Harvard Business. But after Chiang’s HLS keynote, Harvard’s Harbus wrote: “What They Don’t Teach You at Stanford Business School”. Cleaner and clearer than a credit […]

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Episode 2 Season 1 of my YouTube Series How To Not Go Bankrupt as an Entrepreneur START SMALL AND GET BABY REVENUE

July 8, 2019

Larry Chiang encourages you to get a J.B.A. Jedi in Business Admin by studying Mark McCormack’s book. Larry Chiang did not go to Harvard Business and neither did his mentor but Chiang taught at Stanford. See what Harvard’s Harbus wrote: “What They Don’t Teach You at Stanford Business School”. Palo Alto community college is special […]

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Larry Chiang On Ducking Ch9, Chapter 9 Entrepreneurship, Bk

July 7, 2019

By Larry Chiang So you have started a tech startup. People all know the fatality rate is over 70%.  Let’s avoid a doozie of a mistake: Larry Chiang @duck9 (@LarryChiang) 6/28/19, 10:29 AM It’s not a future VP of Sales job. Re: “customer development” The three technical cofounders, it’s your job. Customer development. Every […]

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Ducking the Startup Death Spiral By Talking Belly Button To Belly Button With Prospecfs

July 6, 2019

Larry Chiang @duck9 (@LarryChiang) 6/28/19, 10:25 AM Startup Death Spiral. Download  Larry Chiang @duck9 (@LarryChiang) 6/28/19, 10:26 AM Leading cause of death – Not fully executing “customer development” Download  Larry Chiang @duck9 (@LarryChiang) 6/28/19, 10:27 AM More on how all three cofounders should be executing “customer development” #cs183d Download  Larry Chiang @duck9 (@LarryChiang) […]

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Bankruptcy Shouldn’t Happen As Much as It Does

July 5, 2019

Larry Chiang @duck9 (@LarryChiang) 6/28/19, 10:21 AM Pretending to be important when you’re just really shy and lazy to do DISTRIBUTION work.  Photo credit Robert Tran Larry Chiang @duck9 (@LarryChiang) 6/28/19, 10:24 AM “we are going to do those things after we hire a biz dev person” Signs. Of. Impending. Bankruptcy. Startup Death Spiral happens […]

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