Larry Chiang, President and CEO


I'll shoot you w/a nerf gun if you don't manage your credit.

11:11 is my goal of getting duck9 consumers lots of 1s.

24 1's in a row equals a 750 FICO.

A "one" is an on-time payment in credit reporting code.

A '9'=charged off bad-debt. You wanna duck 9s.

Duck9 = Deep Underground Credit Knowledge (Duck 9's on your credit report. 9's are charge-offs)

"Making sure college credit virgins get deflowered right since 2004"

"Larry Chiang is an expert at the dark art of FICO score preparation"

from Paul Thompson, Founder Scottish American Capital

Harvard Business School '09

"Who needs Stanford Business School when you have Larry Chiang"

from David Rohrsheim, Draper Fisher Jurvetson

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FTC Free Credit Report Form #POBox105281

by Larry Chiang on November 27, 2015

pdf icon pdf-0093-annual-report-request-form.pdf


Girls Who Mail, Mail and Their FICO Scores

November 27, 2015

By Larry Chiang Mail seems as outdated as having a pen pal you handwrite and send via the usps.  But in America, we live under a counterintuitive 1970’s law, so know that mailing mail works. Here is one example.  Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang) 11/26/15, 11:25 AM Asian girl with knowledge of FCRA vs Fortune 500 bank. […]

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Credit Score, GPA and #ThanksgivingClapBack Tweets

November 26, 2015

By Larry Chiang My country, AMERICA, sees people as a three digit FICO score. [300-850] Kelz (@4everKelz) 11/25/15, 12:42 PM Auntie: What that GPA looking like? Me: What that credit score looking like #ThanksgivingClapBack

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Paying a Collection Can Still Leave Your Score Damaged

November 23, 2015

By Larry Chiang I see this all the time. People pay and then are flabbergasted that their credit score is still low. People pay a collection bill and their credit report still has that chargeoff that torpedoes their FICO, lowering it up to 100 points. Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang) 11/23/15, 7:56 AM pay parking fine to […]

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Disputing Merchant Charges on Your Amex

November 22, 2015

By Larry Chiang American Express does a great job with merchant disputes. This is a subroutine if you’re dual track executing. Track #1 call and hope Track two is subroutine #PoBox0001: Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang) 8/13/15, 1:15 PM Dispute merchant charges using subroutine #PoBox0001 (Los Angeles CA 90096-0001)… Download the Twitter app   Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang) 9/28/15, 5:14 PM #PObox0001/ @ErickFaul. […]

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Best Credit Score “Hacking” Question of The Month

November 22, 2015

By Larry Chiang Best question of the month: Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang) 11/21/15, 10:52 AM We want to sell a vehicle to our children. How can we put their payment history on their credit report? This is a great question and is a method similar to putting the children’s name on the family house’s utility bill.  […]

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Waze Winning A Tech Conference Did Not Take $$$ To Win

November 20, 2015

Larry Chiang mentors Computer Science majors who start startups to duck Chapter 9 bankruptcy. #CSmajorCRO protocols help. #CSmajorCRO ‘signature business recipes’ get you ROI while everyone else is paying tech conference fees and HOPING. For example, Waze winning SXSW. For example, months-and-months before What They Don’t Teach You At Stanford Business School launched at Mercedes […]

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47 Annual Credit Report complaints from Sharon B., Bridget M., Raquel S. and 44 More

November 20, 2015

Larry Chiang’s book, WTDTYA Stanford Business School, is a sequel to his mentor’s, Mark McCormack’s, book, “What They Don’t Teach You at HARVARD Business School“. Chiang had a book launch party at IMG’s, International Management Group’s New York Fashion Week. As an undergrad entrepreneur, Larry Chiang mentored college students at public schools to get a […]

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CS 183 practice #cs183p

November 20, 2015

Larry Chiang is pro MBA. Many CS majors are getting recruited to GSB and HBS for the “2+2”. Chapter 14 of What They Don’t Teach You At Stanford Business School says you actually WANT to go to GSB. Be mentees with Chiang as you read his mentors book, “What They Don’t Teach You at Harvard […]

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I agree with Maura Rudd. Annual Credit Report is not a scam.

November 19, 2015

by Larry Chiang I agree with Maura Rudd. Annual Credit Report is not a scam. The reason you’re asking whether its a scam is very legitimate… – There is a ton of friction in simply getting your credit reports from Experian, Trans Union and Equifax. – Identity confirmation is verrrry difficult. They make it hard. […]

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