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27 Calculated Risks

by Larry Chiang on June 2, 2012


By Larry Chiang

I mitigate risk.

People think I take risks, but goodness…, I really don’t

It’s because I pattern recognize Pattern iterate

And pattern replicate.

Here is a question via Twitter. (it’s so much nicer to get a q via twitter versus a prison doo rag)

Giuseppe Stuto (@gstuto) 6/2/12 11:54 AM @LarryChiang I think you should write an article on what the 27 calculated risks were 🙂

# CALCULATED RISK #1 Listened to my mentor about crashing an investment bank conference when I was an undergrad. Executed it and am friends with the ibank founder: Hambrect. Thx Mark McCormack

CALCULATED RISK #2 Authored a book that was Ga Ga Guaranteed to hit the NY Times bestseller list. Thx Mark McCormack for the book title name, content, mentorship and mentorship. I said mentorship twice on purpose.

CALCULATED RISK #3. Studied engineering

CALCULATED RISK #4 Never applied to business school because What They DO Teach at Stanford Business School is a secret I discovered and unearthed and comprehended to the point of being able to teach it

Thx Mark McCormack

CALCULATED RISK #5 Wait-listed myself for film school versus applying. Thx Mark McCormack

CALCULATED RISK #6 Moved to Silicon Valley from Illinois. Had one meeting with Luke Nosek – got an office and an apt within a week within a block from Confinity.

Thank you Mark McCormack for teaching “Getting home field advantage on the road”.

CALCULATED RISK #7 Sold cars summer after my sophomore year Thx Mark McCormack

CALCULATED RISK #8 Sold chemical for Nalco Thx Mark McCormack. Thank you Steven Zumdahl. Thank you carol the woman who worked at Nalco that I sold a car to two summers before I graduated deans list University of Illinois Engineering program

CALCULATED RISK #21 Wrote “How to Get Lucky 21 Different Ways” before speaking at BlogWorld’s break-out year. Getting lucky is also Chapter 8 of my book. Chapter 7 is about NOT GETTING LUCKY. It’s the chapter on sex. Bang less get ahead. You can always lose money chasing ass… ______

CALCULATED RISK #22 Write at Bloomberg BusinessWeek. Thank you Rob Hof.

CALCULATED RISK #23 Wrote at VentureBeat Thank you Matt Marshall

CALCULATED RISK #24 Wrote at GigaOm Thx Om Malik

CALCULATED RISK #25 Wrote at TechCrunch Thx Mike Arrington

CALCULATED RISK #26 Produced 245 CNN iReport articles.

CALCULATED RISK #27 Fund raised “Gua Gua Guacamole VC Fund ix” (plot spoiler my only vintage will be this one vintage. Vintage 9). Thx Elizabeth at CM Capital Spencer Sean Eric at Capital Dynamics Thx ‘Stanfurdh’: Tom Kosnik, Tom Byers, Tina Seelig, Steven Blank, Ann from the J-school, Bob from Stanford Athletics, JR from Hoover and Tom Kosnik. Thanks Stanford undergrads which number in the hundreds: Kevin Xu, Ruoyu Dang, Dan Ha, Diana Lee, Lauren Swartz, John YS, Luke Knepper, Cameron Teitelman, Janet Yang, Felipe Minerva, (to be cont’)

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