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Oxygen, Hydration, Pee and Pooh

by Larry Chiang on June 1, 2012

By Larry Chiang I studied engineering and semi-mastered fluid dynamics. It is helpful but not necessary to effective entrepreneuring effectively.

You see I see patterns.

I pattern recognize Then I help you pattern iterate. So that you can pattern replicate.

I sat down with an expert in mechanical engineering that specialized in fluid dynamics application to business and credit. He talked to me about how fluid dynamics also applies to sleeping effectively.

Yes, I was talking to Larry Chiang.

Sleeping has two little maximized areas that apply to mechanical Engineering: oxygen flow and hydration.

I argue that people that breathe more and get more oxygen replenish better. Athletes who train already know this. Since cs majors are the athletes of venture capital, the little sleep that cs major CEOs do get is important.

The other component that compliments oxygen is hydration. Fluid water flow is critical if you’re body is going to flush toxins and replenish while you sleep. If you’re peeing solid yellow, super dark pee… It’s not good.

I drink until I pee mostly clear before bed. I sleep at 11:45 and usually wake up at 645 or 7:10. My bladder wakes me up.

I pee and then drink about 24 ounces of room temperature water.

At 7:30, I’d go to work.

But now that I’m a VC — I lounge in bed until about 9, double up the room-temp, water intake and pee again at about 9:30. Usually pretty clear.

I blogged about poo too.

Dropping healthy food babies (aka pooh) helps us pre-entrepreneur.

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