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4 Things the Oregon Duck Can Teach Us NCAA Athletes

by Larry Chiang on October 27, 2013

By Larry Chiang 
FTC Disclosure: As a self-regulating entity, it is optional that I disclose to you that I was a really, really, really good athlete in high school recruited to play and study engineering.
Note: while I do not personally know the Oregon cheerleader inside their Duck mascot, I may be making out with her at Evvia the weekend of the 8th of November 2013. 
If she shows up, I’ll at least put out a hug with a smooch to be named later.

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
4 Things the Oregon Duck Can Teach Us NCAA Athletes at a Top 12 PAC 12 college, like Stanford

Herein, the duck mascot de la Oregon will be referred to as “PUDDLES”. 

# 1 Thing Puddles Can Teach Us
Puddles loves sequels
Puddles loves that fact that she/it unknowingly knows a lot about entrepreneurship. This is called unconscious competence. Puddles is unconsciously competent about sequel entrepreneurship.
This is Puddles conscious competent version of Puddles knowledge of sequels. 
It moves you to the right on the entrepreneur bell curve, Puddles knowledge does.

You see, Puddles is a sequel.
Puddles is a obnoxious football playing, commercial actor. Puddles is in an ESPN commercial.
Puddles is a sequel to Donald Duck.

# 2 Knowledge Nugget Puddles Can Teach Us About Entrepreneurship

Improving something and changing something 5-25% is at the heart of succeeding as a first time entrepreneur student athlete.

-3- Puddles Can Teaches Us About Stripper Names

We as NCAA athletes need a stripper name when we work at an internship. It’s because Larry Chiang, NCAA baseball player that rides the bench, is licensed and own by a video game.

I’m seriously a 6’5″ athlete named Larry Chiang that throws cows.

So seriously.


I know I sound like I’m joking but as a Vulcan (Spock is Asian), I cannot lie.

So a stripper name makes it legal for us to work.

I pattern replicate the stripper name maneuver and execute a Chinese-ie name maker.

Yes, I will give you, the NCAA athlete, a chinkie name.

Puddles will herein the referred to as Pu(1) Dai (1) Ya (2).

# 4 Thing Pu(1) Dai (1) Ya (2) Can Teach Us

As a female pre Entrepreneur we should get a great female mentor using this technique
Pu(1) Dai (1) Ya (2), come make out with me at Evvia at 420 Emerson November 9 @ 10:20PM
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