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Leveraging the Internet Rule Called 9%, 1%, 90% at Student Entrepreneurs

by Larry Chiang on October 27, 2013

Larry Chiang mentored the small percentage (%) of college student entrepreneurs that achieved a FICO over 800. He started Duck9 while he was an undergrad. Duck9’s double entendre is to duck-and-avoid 9’s (credit code charge-off) and is also the acronym, “Deep Underground Credit Knowledge 9”. After a Harvard Law School keynote, Harvard Business wrote: “What They Don’t Teach You at Stanford Business School“.

At Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, I like acing the Bell Curve for supermodels bc I blog!

By Larry Chiang

There’s an internet rule we can lever called “1%-9%-90%”. It helps us go from the left side of the results bell curve to the right side of the bell curve

The Internet rule ‘1%-9%-90%’ states 1% create, 9% comment/interact/curate, and 90% consume. Previous writers levered this construct and applied it specifically to web publishing. This blog post takes and applies ‘1%-9%-90%’ to starting up a startup.

Opportunity: blogging helps you but verrry few will blog.

I see at the student entrepreneur level a clear pattern that repeats: student entrepreneurs push back on using WORDPRESS. Young people have been coached to not use Facebook because of career ramifications for posting party pictures. They take that mentorship of not sharing to also mean not documenting ideas and the curation of startup content on WordPress.

Thus, an opportunity for you, the NCAA student-athlete. Take this as an entrepreneur foundation in the United States of America (best country ever). To repeat so all y’all get it, “Blogging for the 1% that produce. Medium is for the 9% that kinda wanna blog

Therefore, it’s an opportunity to blog ON WORDPRESS and improve ourselves WHILE STAYING SAFE. By safe, I mean we can write blog posts while safely saying little. We can summarize and curate entrepreneurship articles we read. Here are five hashtags that serve as signature business subroutines to execute:

– #MVBP. google MVBP “Minimum Viable Blog Post



– #SequelzEngr145 (with a “z” OMG, I just made myself throw up a li’l 🙂


The fact that only 1% of humans use WORDPRESS to compose blog posts is an advantage for us if we want to rise. That percentage is constant and continues for traditional adults, after student entrepreneur life. Take my mentors advice and EUTWMPPM your LCMCC by doing LTMVBP’s. And tag your tweets “#ENGR145”

My Stanford Engineering video boils down 20,000 hours and moves you to the right on the entrepreneur bell curve
CEO of Duck9
MIT University EIR (Entrepreneur in Residence)
Duck9 = “Deep Underground Credit Knowledge” 9
125 University Avenue/ 100
Palo Alto CA 94301
650-566-9696 (direct)
650-283-8008 (cell)
Editor of the BusinessWeek Channel “What They Don’t Teach at Business School” CNN Video Channel: Read my last 10 tweets at Author, NY Times Bestseller “What They Will NEVER Teach You at Stanford Business School” comes out 11-11-14
52 Cards. Two Jokers. What They DO Teach You at Stanford Engineering
Emergency swings and cutting deals as an 9 year old

########## Duck9 is part of UCMS Inc. 630-705-5555 More on #ENGR145’s SHIFTING right on the entrepreneur bell curve


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