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5 Momentum Building Tips for the Pre-Entrepreneur #EUTWMPPM

by Larry Chiang on January 11, 2013

Editor’s note: first steps as an entrepreneur are toughest

By Larry Chiang

I study conversion and lead generation.

My focus has been to lock into how to generate momentum from a normal typical situation: a dead stop. Here are some ideas for you to pattern replicate. It’s my opinion that you can generate a tidal wave of momentum if you recognize the patterns of entrepreneurs that leave a calm wake because they have forged ahead.

My mentors have taught me and I’ll bullet point out things that make me say “Wow!”

-1- Build your own link farm

Of course you already have a wordpress blog that resides under your URL For example

An example of how to do it wrong is

The SEO juice is going to wordpress versus your own site. My own site is

I recommend using wordpress Thesis and then email posting blog posts. The link farm is when you publish 12-15 sentence blog posts. Include two pictures and have one link per post.

For example, “Reverse VC” Another example is “SXSW AfterParty” Or even “TechCrunch AfterParty”

Get more white hat SEO juice by…

-2- Pre blog before you publish on Quora

I’ve read the Quora TOS (terms of service) and it says in RED, “Your content is your own”. So, I take advantage and publish at Duck9 before I load up an answer to a question on Quora.

For example, someone on Quora asked about hosting a party at SXSW. I read the question and answered it on Duck9 first. I won’t link to it but if you google Larry Chiang SXSW quora You’ll see

The point?!

Google raises your site (that you bought on GoDaddy last week 🙂 in search rankings. Search engines give you SEO juice because your content was crawled first. And then show up word-for-word on Quora.

-3- Perpetual promotion machine

The old way was measure twice and cut once. The new way is to do one thing and get credit for it repeatedly. Remember, in the Internet economy, work has momentum.

A VC that blogs under a pseudonym wrote about Perpetual Promotion Machine He’s correct about what he pattern recognized.

Intrinsic and at the heart of “perpetual promotion machine” is the concept of

-4- Leverage the LTMVP

“Less than Minimum Viable Party” is an 11 minute event at an ideal, target conference. With an eleven minute party, you get as much momentum or more benefit than a two hour open bar event that costs 25k. Here are specifics:

Checklist – Do an Eventbrite (use event lingo and text from your blog URL). Link to your site’s URL – Do a plancast. DISCLOSURE: I financially benefitted from the sale of Plancast. – Tweet about your LTMVP 3-6 times – Pre blog the event 2-3x on your wordpress – Do a 20-30 second video. In the YouTube, link to your blog post. – Investigate where the nearest hotel bar is – Bring 2-3 balloons – Order 2-3 pizza and get a pitcher of tap water – Maybe splurge and buy a $35 sign. – Waitlist yourself for a larger role and start acquiring other parties. Because most larger companies do not act and do not pre-promote enough

For example, Web 2.0 Summit AfterParty

For example, TechCrunch Official AfterParty

For example, Finovate AfterParty

For example, Stanford Entrepreneur Week Reverse VC Premier Party

Kids do this! For example, Matias Franco For example, Justin Wilcox For example, Ryan Shea For example, Ashley Grevelink For example, Sy Bohy For example, Daniel Shader For example: you in two months.

Text or email me with questions 650-283-8008. Larry @duck9 .com

CEO of Duck9 Founding Stanford University EIR (Entrepreneur in Residence) Emeritus

Duck9 = “Deep Underground Credit Knowledge” 9 125 University Avenue/ 100 Palo Alto CA 94301 650-566-9600 650-566-9696 (direct) 650-283-8008 (cell)

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